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Some lessons learned:

If I were to ask you to define a perfect vacation home, how would you answer?

What if you would be in that home for 4-6 weeks with 2 dogs?

But what if you weren’t living out of suitcases and everything you own is along for the ride, as well?

That’s a hard question to answer until you’ve had a chance to give it a try. We are now 8 months into this new way of living and these are a few things we look for:

King Size Bed:

We have two dogs that sleep with us. We cannot do Queen size beds! It just doesn’t work. No sleep is had by the humans.

Single Level Homes:

Sometimes this is a challenge but I try my best to find homes with the least amount of stairs. When I see a two story home, I see the house above. Imagine carrying all of your belongings up several flights of stairs for a month’s stay. Blech! Just NO!

Must be a House:

While there are many beautiful apartments, condos, and townhomes, I only book homes. We have dogs and it’s just easier. Plus, the Beagle is a screamer. He just can’t help himself!

Close Proximity to Airport:

I still have to fly for work, sometimes. With our new lifestyle, I fly much less but it’s still necessary from time to time and I refuse to drive two hours to an airport.

Washer and Dryer:

Because DUH!

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Doggie Paradise

 We live in a neighborhood of Courtyard Villas. They are the only homes in The Villages that have fenced in yards. As you can imagine, every home in these sections is occupied by animal lovers and their pets. Animal lovers are good neighbors!

This is the grassy half of our little courtyard in The Villages. It’s not huge but it’s perfect! Most of the vacation homes that we’ve rented, so far, have had decent yards. And I would say that all of them have been bigger than this one.

But folks, it is not the size of the yard but the area of the fence that makes life fun for the doggies and easier on us!!

This is the other side of our courtyard. You may be wondering why we would be so excited to have a fenced in, concrete, runway. Well, I’ll tell you why:

This is where we throw a ball and run Miss Daisy until she drops.

It’s awesome! The ball bounces off the fence, the house, the bushes…She loves it! We love it! We love Daisy when she’s a little less awake and less in love with life.

Boogie, of course, just likes to go out and lay his belly in the warm concrete and charge up his solar panels in the Florida sun. 

Oh, and this is the first house that we’ve stayed in that has NO steps. Do you know how happy that makes an old Beagle with 4 inch ground clearance? Boogie thinks The Villages were made for him and I would have to agree.


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