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Back to the South

It’s cold and rainy and we’re all still feeling a bit puny. But, we are continuing our journey back to the south.

It’s a good work day, though. I can get a lot of work done while Brodie drives toward my next meetings.

I am so excited to be spending a week in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area where my very best friend is coming to celebrate our birthdays. 


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Are you living to die?

Jodi is out of town, so if I go out to eat I usually sit at the bar.  No need to take a whole table for just me.  I kind of like to listen to the conversations around me and study the people.

Tonight I ended up beside two men who were somewhere around 70 years old.  As I listened I found out that the bulk of their conversation was about how many years they had left to live, how much money they had saved, and what kind of work they could do to increase that amount before they died.

A couple of times they detoured the conversation onto what they would like to do, but each time they came back around to how to amass more.  It’s a noble thing to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, but what’s worth more?  You or your portfolio.  They also spoke a little about their children, but only to confirm that they’re are following in their footsteps.

As I listened and processed, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was worth it?  Was all the time not spent living worth being wealthy when you die?  They each confidently laid out what they had done, but there was a hint of sadness underneath.  I detected the ever so slight scent of regret.  Do they know deep down that they have missed what was truly important?

I don’t want this to be Jodi or me.  I don’t want it to be you either.  Stop living in preparation for dying.  God has given you one life, live it.  Please.

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