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Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Take a walk with us at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

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Cooler weather and longer walks

We’ve finally made it to some cooler weather here in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas.  It’s still really humid but we’re not complaining.  Anything less than 90 is a welcome change.  Jodi and I took the dogs on a 1.8 mile trek this morning.

There are paved paths around the golf course behind our house that we walked this morning.  I wasn’t sure that we were allowed to be on them or not.  But, we saw some residents riding bikes on those paths so I feel like we’re less likely to get scolded by an oldie for being on them.

I like a treadmill in an air conditioned room as much as anyone, but I really feel like it’s a better workout being out on the paths and hills.  Plus, I have a much better chance of seeing a Yeti in the woods.


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Miles of walking space at the Villages

I’m not exactly sure how many miles of sidewalks there are in the villages, but it’s a bunch.  If you happened to be here when you can stand the heat, I think you could take a different path everyday for a month before you had a repeat trip.  Unless you’re a marathon runner and then you’d probably finish them all in a couple of days.  If that’s the case, then yay for you.  I’ll catch up later.

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