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Pine Mountain RV Park

We are currently staying in Pigeon Forge, TN at Pine Mountain RV Park. We have had a wonderful time enjoying this area off-season while the crowds are much smaller. We got here just in time to be featured in the park’s Yelp video:CLICK HERE! Pine Mountain Yelp Page The video is the first photo listed on the Yelp page.

The park is situated along side a creek with very friendly and hungry ducks and views of the mountains. There are also two friendly (and very quiet) donkeys across the creek.

The facilities here are top notch!

This is the perfect place to stay in our Motorhome and have friends come to visit and stay in the cute little cottages. We’ve enjoyed our visits with friends!!

There are two cottages on site. 

Very bright and cheery living area.

Each cottage has two bedrooms with Queen beds.

Nice size bathroom.

If you are looking for a fun getaway, anytime of year, come and visit the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. There’s so much to do for everyone and the area is beautiful. They are still trying to recover from the recent fires and they need everyone to come and visit. Come and spend your money here and give some locals a hug!


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Wonderful Failure

Well, we failed! Our goal was to make it to The Grand Canyon and we only made it as far as Santa Fe, NM. We were just having too much fun and spending too much time at the fun stops along the way. Plus, our journey started in Central Florida so, we had to drive quite a distance just to reach Route 66 in Oklahoma City.

We didn’t have a travel schedule for a reason. I sure didn’t want to be gone for 15 days and return absolutely exhausted and feeling like we all we did was drive.

Mission accomplished! We meandered off and on Route 66, saw some fun sites, ate amazing food, and had an overall fun and relaxing trip. We will cover Arizona and Colorado on the next trip. 

We are currently making our way back east to Alabama. Since I don’t have fun vacation pics to show on our trip back, I figured I would share the goofy Daisy Mae. She sure is a good traveler and she absolutely loves the Motorhome.

Oh, and we are headed to our next “first” adventure in Alabama. More on that next week…


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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is absolutely beautiful! The purple mountains, pink sky, and colorful wild flowers, all frame the beautiful Adobe buildings and red soil.

But the food…HOLY COW! If you could bottle the smell of roasted green chilis you would be a millionaire! Maybe I could just roast a few each week… Never mind!

We now have a full sack of roasted green Chilis and 100 Tamales from Posas to put in our freezer. That may last about 6 months. 

These roasters were awesome and they have 10 of them set up in a Big Lots parking lot. That’s our batch of Hatch roasting right there!!

Here are some more fun pics of our visit

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Back to our home in The Villages, FL

We have returned for the second year to this vacation rental in The Villages, FL. We love it here! Of course, it’s somewhat empty because most normal people do not want to be in central Florida in July and August. But, we really enjoy the slow pace and the lack of crowds.

We have such a beautiful view from the living room. Even though it’s too hot to sit outside, we can still enjoy the wildlife and golfers from the comfortably air conditioned house.

It’s also nice to have wifi and a robust satellite TV package. Not all of our rentals have such nice electronics and services. But, that’s alright. It helps us appreciate these luxuries when we do have them.

Daisy loves the couches at this house. I don’t blame her! They’re very comfy and feature electric recliners. Nice!

Although the temperatures have been in the high 90’s with “feels like” temps around 106, we still enjoy being here. I’m sure we’ll return next year.

This house is perfect for hosting company and we’re so excited to have several friends coming to visit during our stay.


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I guess we should come out of hiding!

Did you think we had gone missing? Been abducted by aliens, even? Well, it feels like it!

As you know, we don’t live in the typical way that most people live. But, the funny thing is that REAL life happens no matter where or how you choose to live.

The honest truth is that we’ve had some challenging personal issues to deal with and while grieving “what might have been” it’s hard to even focus on how we’re living. For almost a month, we have just been happy to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the next.

But, as they say, life goes on…

So, instead of writing a novel about what has transpired in our We Sold Our House world, I will just give you some bullet point updates:

Look at this sweet girl! We got to spend some time with her and our kids this month. She makes everything better!! Three cheers for grandchildren!!!

We last updated in May when we arrived at our charming little cottage in Ocean Sprins, MS. We LOVED it! So cute!

While in MS, we decided that we would like to add a Motorhome to our travel options. No, not to be full-time RV’ers but to give us more options when finding vacation homes is a challenge. So, we bought this beast!We already had houses rented through August so, this purchase has created some logistical challenges. But, we’ve worked through most of those.

Since we bought a Motorhome, we decided it would be easiest to trade in our trailer and Infinity on a Jeep to pull. So, we bought this Jeep.

But, it’s used and needed some work before we could take possession. So, we left it in Ocean Springs where we will be picking it up in a few days.

Yep, we have had no vehicle (other than the Motorhome) for awhile. We’ve been renting and borrowing. So, that’s getting REAL old! Time to get the Jeep…

Which is where we were headed RIGHT NOW, in the Motorhome, until our alternator belt shredded on I10 East. SERIOUSLY!!!

Did I mention that only one air conditioner is working and our generator needs oil but we can’t fill it because we would be immediately flattened by a semi? SERIOUSLY!!

Here’s the good:

A roadside tech is on the way to replace the belt that is covered by warranty.

The tech is covered by our roadside service protection.

We are parked under a bridge in the shade.

It’s raining so, it’s not too hot.

All issues needing repair will be fixed next month (under warranty) while we’re back in our favorite vacation home at The Villages in Florida.

See, it’s all good! I hope…

Prayers, please?!


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The Super Bowl is on and we have a popcorn popper in our awesome vacation home. They knew I was coming!  It’s not just the popper but it’s fully stocked with the movie popcorn kits, including the oil, popcorn, and flavor packs. Oh, and the cute popcorn buckets! Oh, oh, oh, and the Coke shaped glasses for my ice cold Coke!



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Initializing Launch Sequence in 5…4…3…2…


Time to pack up the black rocket and move to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

While our time at The Villages in Florida has been one of our absolute favorites, we are ready to move on. I’m not sure why we are so ready to go. Either we’ve been blessed or cursed with wanderlust during this time in our life. But, staying in one place just doesn’t seem like the thing to do. So, we can only assume that we’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.

The most common question I get is about having to move all the time. Does it get old? Nope! We are master packers, at this point. From the time we start moving everything back to its place to the time we pull out of the driveway = 2 hours. When you don’t have much stuff and everything has it’s place, it’s pretty easy to be mobile. Plus, it’s like packing for vacation. We’re always heading off to a place we’ve never been and we are filled with anticipation.

For me, it’s the trill of the hunt and finding an amazing home at a bargain price. So far, I’ve been very proud of my house hunting skills. The owners have been awesome and we’ve not been refused a full deposit refund, yet. We take good care of the homes we live in and hope that owners will continue to rent to dog owners because of people like us. Our goal is always to leave it better than we found it.

So, on Saturday, we will make our journey to the half-way point of Birmingham, AL to spend the night in a cabin at a campground. Sunday we will drive the remaining distance to Hot Springs Village, AR. I’ve been watching the temperatures and they have been, at least, 15-20 degrees cooler than here at The Villages. I just cannot tell you how excited we are to have cooler temps. We have been living in 90+ degree temp areas since April. WE ARE DONE!



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Creepy door knocker 

This is the door knocker on the front door of the house we’re renting. We can’t figure out the genders. We only know that to knock on door, you smash their faces together. Weird. 


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Budgeting to live in vacation homes full time

When we talk to people about how we live full time in vacation rentals, the first thing people say or think is how do they afford that?  Or, we could never afford that?

So, let me show you how to budget for this way of living.

First, you must know everything that you currently spend.  It’s easy to let a lot of small expenses go by without being accounted for.  You have to stop this leak and account for every dollar.  We use two budgeting tools.  First is and second is Dave Ramsey’s Gazelle Budget.

I handle our budget and spending.  Nothing gets spent that I don’t account for.  Other than spending money, I don’t track what Jodi spends of her own money.

Jodi gets paid twice per month, so I start the budget with what we need to save and pay from each pay period.  In order to know what we can afford for each vacation rental I took the total of what we paid to live in our old house and split it between both months paychecks.

We accounted for everything that was spent to live the old way.  These are the budget items that were involved in living in our old house:

1. House payment

2. House insurance

3. Home repairs

4. Yard maintenance

5. Electricity

6. Gas

7. Cable

8. Internet

9. HOA Dues

10. Property taxes

11. Home Maintenance and cleaning

12. Landline phone(if you have one, we didn’t)

13. Water

14. Miscellaneous “pop-up” items

Total all of these individual expenses for a month in your current home, divide by how often you get paid and viola!  You now have what you truly spend each month to live in your house and presumably what you can afford to live in a vacation rental.  We don’t rent houses that max out our budget if we can help it.  This allows for more money to go into savings and provides a cushion for those unforeseen expenses.  We do our best to account for everything, but sometimes we get surprised by some expense, usually a small one.

So, there it is.  If you were thinking we were living in vacation homes because we’re super rich, you thought wrong.

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Video Tour/Review of Disney Area Vacation Home VRBO #280384


Update!!! Video links corrected. Oops!

We had a great time staying at this beautiful home in Davenport, FL. The home is just 2 exits from Downtown Disney and provides easy access to the Kissimee area and all theme parks.

Brodie and I stayed the entire month of May but we had the entire family join us for a week.

The size and bedroom layout was perfect for 3 couples and two singles. But, there was room for two more people in beds and 4 more on pull out sofas. With three different living areas, there is plenty of space to get away from the crowd.

CLICK HERE – Outside and first floor
CLICK HERE – Second Floor

This is a perfect home for a large group traveling to the Orlando area. 

PARKING IS LIMITED!!! You can bring 20 people but make sure they fit in 2 vehicles. You can park on the street but it’s very narrow. I have no clue what the developer was thinking when they designed the driveways!


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