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Pancakes, Hikes, Naps and Sushi

Today is Mother’s Day and we’re in Ocean Springs, MS.  We had a great day today.

The weather here right now is great with highs in the high 70’s to low 80’s and sunny.  Since it’s Mother’s Day, Jodi had her choice of what we did. First, we went for breakfast at a small diner in downtown Ocean Springs at a place called Buzzy’s Breakfast Joint.  If you’re ever in the area it’s worth checking out.

Then we took  a hike with the dogs at what we thought was a trail.  After a short distance, we learned that it was a 1/2 mile path to a campground.  That turned out to be a really nice surprise though.  There were several nice people out and about that were happy to see the dogs and talk.

We came back to our guest house rental and decided a nap was in order for all.  Naps are awesome.  Nothing more to say.

Finally, we headed out for Jodi’s mother’s day choice: sushi.  Jodi is much more of a sushi fan than I am, but I was really glad we went.  Good place called Ichiban if you’re ever in the area.

Brodie and Jodiimg_1275

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Is it us?

We’re having “splash backs” of our stay in Gulfport exactly one year ago. 

Day 1 = Storms upon arrival

Day 2 = Monsoon

Day 3 forecast = locusts & frogs

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Ocean Springs, MS

  We made it to our May home in Ocean Springs, MS. Wow! This is a big change from the cabin on the lake!

  Such an enchanted little cottage! Jeannie has paid such attention to detail.

  The jasmine vine is so beautiful right now!

  Check out the beautiful live oaks lining the driveway.

  The gravel drive is mixed with beautiful glass stones.

  Can you see the crystals hanging in the tree? They are beautiful in the sunlight.

I think we will really enjoy our time here. Check out this rental at VRBO (click << link to see interior photos).


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Back to where we began

  We are back in Georgia. Well, actually we’ve been here since the first of April but we haven’t been blogging much. Honestly, there’s not much to say.

While we’re happy to be back for awhile to see friends and our daughter, it kind of feels like we’re just doing our time until the next adventure.

I’ve been working and traveling, as usual, but it just feels strange to be back. I guess it’s because of being in such a familiar place. For the last 16 months we’ve been living in unfamiliar places, meeting new people, and exploring.

We are staying in a cute little cabin on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, GA. As you can see, the area is beautiful. This is the view from our back deck.  

Daisy has learned a new game. She can drop her ball off the deck and it rolls all the way down the hill into the water. The first time, I let her go get it. Yuck! Won’t do that again.  The difference in the amount of traffic, in the short time we’ve been gone, is astonishing! Maybe it’s just because we’ve been living in more laid back, smaller communities. I’m not sure but I would swear that everyone moved to Georgia as soon as we left.

In 10 days, we head to Ocean Springs, MS. Until then, we have a few more favorite places to eat and some friends to see. I’m sure we’ll have more adventures to share very soon.

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Rattlesnake Saloon 

If your are ever close to the Tuscumbia/ Muscle Shoals/Florence, Alabama area, you MUST visit Rattlesnake Saloon! They have seasonal hours so make sure to check their website for hours of operation.


Last weekend there were over 400 horses here at Seven Springs Lodge. The American Trail Ride Association brought a huge group to town. In May, you can check out the 2016 Chuck Wagon Races. Take a look at their event calendar.

Have you ever been to a restaurant/bar under a giant rock? Yep, it was a first for us, too. But, yeehaw! It sure was fun!! We give it 5 stars and a MUST SEE!


We had a fun group tonight. My mom and dad, our daughter, and the owners of our current rental, and their son all went to dinner with us.

Here’s a fun family photo:  

Kelsey captured these beautiful pictures before sunset.  

What a beautiful night!


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Do you have to do yard work?

Time for another answer to a reader question.  Do we have to do yard work, etc?

The short answer is Nooooooooooo!  Since every house we stay in is meant to be a short term stay, the home owner has the responsibility for exterior home maintenance.

We do clean up after our dogs and pick up trash that may blow into the yard.  Anything further than that falls to the owner to do or hire to be done.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing some outside work at some of the houses, but we’re can’t travel with lawn equipment and such items are not usually available at the houses.

Most of the home owners have hired a lawn maintenance company to do the work.  The rest do it themselves.  If there’s a fairly simple outside repair that can be done without spending money, we’ll do it ourselves if there is no monetary cost.

There you go.  Another question answered.


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What would you like to know?

We’ve been talking lately about our blog and the fact that we need to post more.  Here’s the problem, what do we write about?

We’ve been living in vacation homes and moving once a month for over a year now and the whole process has just become routine to us.  We’re still learning all of the time, but we don’t think about what someone would want to know about our lifestyle.

So, we have a favor to ask.  What would you like to know?  What are you curious about or what doesn’t make sense?  When we started living this way, it was all guess work.  We have made many adjustments along the way to get to where we are now and we really want to share our ideas and discoveries with others.  IMG_0121


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Finding History

One thing we love about living in different places is discovering America’s history. Walking the dogs helps us get up close to the historic markers and really inspect the buildings and pathways.  

Today’s walk took us past the birthplace of Helen Keller.  Ivy Green is not open for tours on Sundays but we were able to walk around the property.

We’ve all read about Ivy Green in History class but it is surprisingly exactly what I had pictured.  

We also stumbled upon the first railroad west of the Alleghenies.

So, here we are in little ole Tuscumbia, AL. When we tell people where we’re staying they say “where?”. Yep, we said the same thing before we got here.

Get out there and go to some new cities that you’ve never explored. You might be surprised at what you find.


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Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Take a walk with us at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

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Tetris Packing

When everything you own must fit into a 5×8 trailer, you develope some Tetris packing skills!  

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