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Back to the South

It’s cold and rainy and we’re all still feeling a bit puny. But, we are continuing our journey back to the south.

It’s a good work day, though. I can get a lot of work done while Brodie drives toward my next meetings.

I am so excited to be spending a week in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area where my very best friend is coming to celebrate our birthdays. 


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Is it us?

We’re having “splash backs” of our stay in Gulfport exactly one year ago. 

Day 1 = Storms upon arrival

Day 2 = Monsoon

Day 3 forecast = locusts & frogs

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Maybe we prayed wrong!?!

This is our current situation. Yes, we are right in the path of the brutal rain coming from the strongest hurricane in reported history, Hurricane Patricia.

But, this is really no surprise. Why? Well, because this is what we seem to be chasing since our travels began.

We started out in December of last year staying on Fripp Island where the average December/January temperatures are mid to high 60’s. Nope! We had freezing, record low temps the entire time. This continued at multiple locations through April. Freezing!!

And then came May in Orlando where the height temps typically top out in the mid 80’s. Nope! It went straight to mid 90’s. After that, every location we’ve been has had record high temps between 90-100 degrees.

We were so grateful to finally be in TX where the temperatures were so moderate for about a week. Then we went right back to 90-100 degrees. And then Patricia shows up to drown us!

We have prayed that we will make an impact on the areas where we travel. Ummm, I think we need to change our wording because I didn’t realize we would bring Biblical weather events. Oops!


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Flooding in Gulfport

It’s been raining for a couple of days now in Gulfport.  Actually, rain may be a weak word for it.  Monsoons at times is a better description.  It’s been so crappy that even the dogs have looked at me like I’m stupid when I suggest going out.

The house we’re renting is on stilts about 10 foot in the air, so flooding should not be an issue for us.  But, evidently the on ground houses may be having some flooding trouble.  I was just watching what I assume were contractors hauling sandbags to the rear of the house across the street from us.

Hopefully they’re getting the bags out in time.  I was looking at the forecast today and it looks like we have rain for the rest of the week.  I wonder if the ocean ever overflows?


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Back to rain this week

Well, it looks like the nice weather yesterday was as good as it gets for a while.  Looking at the weather, and out the window, this morning it appears that we’re back to clouds and rain.  I’m not really complaining, just more of an observation.  On the bright side, it’s no longer 30 degrees in areas where it should be at least 50.

I would like to see just a bit more sun though, my brain works better.  It’ll be a good week for us to do some exciting things like go get our new drivers licenses and plates.  Ugh.

Rain, Rainy weather

Rain, Rainy weather (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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