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Prayers Please

Daisy always seems to know when Brodie needs hugs and today is really one of those days. Brodie will be having knee surgery today. While this is a very common surgery that he has had before (15 years ago on the other knee), he has not had any surgery since his PTSD diagnosis. Panic attacks are very unpredictable and have proven to be a challenge during this process.

One benefit of living like a gypsy is planning your travel around world class medical care facilities. We are so fortunate to be staying 4 miles from Andrews Institute. 

The doctors and the facilities are top notch. However, the surgeon’s bedside manner is pretty bad. Fortunately, Brodie will be snoozing the next time they’re both in the same room. It’s alright. We don’t need a friend, we just need him to be a good surgeon (I’m saying this to remind myself).

We could really use some prayers today:

-Brodie has had anesthesia challenges in the past. We don’t need this today!

-For some reason, the testing/procedure rooms cause panic attacks and flashbacks. We need those to stay away!

-He won’t be able to eat until around 4:30 today. We don’t need hangry Brodie to cause panic attacks.

If you have a minute, please pray for us today. I will keep everyone posted.


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Skyping with your doctor

One of the problems we had to solve by living a more transient lifestyle was my doctors appointments.  I have PTSD and I have a follow up appointment with my doctor every three months.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to solve this problem.  I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to find a new doctor every few months and having to explain my needs over and over again.

Luckily I found out that my doctor does Skype appointments for those that already have been seeing him.  So, I had my first remote appointment with him today and his office phoned in my prescriptions to the Walgreens that is nearest to us here on Fripp Island.

I don’t know that this method would work with every kind of doctor, but if you’re seeing the doctor just for a follow up it would be worth checking to see if this option is available.  For my prescriptions, I gave them the location of the nearest Walgreens and the doctors office called them in.  Done and done.


Walgreens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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