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Rolling out of cars in Memphis

We’re well on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We made it to our next stop today, which is Memphis, TN.  We’re staying in the Graceland RV park.  The area around Graceland appears to be a little sketchy, but the park is nice.

We’ll be staying here a couple of days before we move on west.

Once we were in Memphis and only 3 to 4 miles from the park, we had a very unique situation happen.  We’re driving along when a car, coming the opposite direction, did a hard, fast u-turn in front of us and a young male, late teens or early 20’s,  rolled out of the back door and across the pavement.

We came to a stop and Jodi called 911 to report it.  I contemplated getting out to assist, but before I could more people showed up, from where I don’t know, and angry voices began.  We decided it was best to let the police come and do their thing and we left the area before things got violent.  Besides, the afternoon shift was filing out of the adjacent strip club to take a look.  There were more than enough feet already on the ground to handle whatever situation it was.

Any who, we arrived safely and got situated.

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The trailer police found us

We’re down to 4 days left here in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas.   Jodi and I both are ready to move on.  It’s been nice being in a quiet place, but now the silence is getting unnerving.  It also takes a while to get to civilization.

I think a stay here would be better if it stayed under 2 weeks.  That would be enough time to decompress without starting to feel like we’re somewhere near Deliverance territory.  But, as Jodi and I have agreed, we can live anywhere for a month.  So, all in all we’re still having fun.

We drove into Little Rock for dinner yesterday evening.  When we go back, we found the dreaded red tag on our trailer.  It appears that one of our neighbors, most likely the one next door, has taken exception to the trailer being parked in the driveway and called whoever handles neighborhood complaints.

We don’t think that the area normally passes out violation notices, because whoever delivered the notice wrote that a neighbor filed a complaint.  The notice said we have 72 hours to move it or start getting daily fines.  It works out well because we’ll be leaving just after the 72 hour deadline.  So, we called and left a message with the guy who left the tag and let him know we’d be leaving soon.  Hopefully that will be satisfactory and we won’t have to try to get the trailer into the garage or elsewhere for a day before we bring it back to pack it and leave.

On a side note, we watched a coyote trot by the house a few days ago.  You don’t see that everyday.


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