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Home Base Pensacola

We’re back in Pensacola, Florida for 3 days.  Our next 30 day rental is in Port Charlotte, Florida.  We could’ve driven straight from our rental in Texas to Port Charlotte, but it would have been a very long and miserable drive. The drive was already much longer than it should have been due to heavy rain.

So, Jodi found a rental in Pensacola to give us a short break in between.  I’m glad she did, because we all needed it.  The dogs have been crashed for most of our stay.  We heard from the owners of the last rental that Taygar the Great Dane was missing Daisy and us.  We think Daisy was missing her as well.

So, that’s it for now unless something exciting happens.  The rain that we drove in and out of on the way here has now caught up with us and so we’re waiting and hoping we won’t be driving in rain again as we head further south.


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Pensacola has been good to us

So, we have a couple more days left here in Pensacola, Florida in the Lillian Highway house.  While the house needs some work, it has been a good stay.  We were able to have our long time friends come and stay for a few days.  We also got our license plates and drivers licenses done.

We’ve also had the opportunity to sight see and hit the beach a little.  The weather has been on the cold side for many of the days here.

We continue to learn what works and what doesn’t work with a mobile lifestyle.  One of the big changes we made while here is to trade in the jeep on a more travel friendly vehicle.  We’re both looking forward to traveling in a quite vehicle.  We both loved having the Jeep, but a soft top Jeep is just not fun on a long interstate drive.  The new vehicle also gives us more room.

So, that’s it for now.  We both have talked about needing to post more.  Hopefully we can do better with that.


Pensacola: site of 1698 settlement near Fort B...

Pensacola: site of 1698 settlement near Fort Barrancas is marked “X” (above left end of Santa Rosa Island) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Time for an overdue update

Ok, I now need to admit that I have sucked recently at keeping this blog updated.  We’re still living the nomadic lifestyle.  There just hasn’t been much to say.

As of today we are officially Floridians.  I highly suggest making an appointment with the DMV for licenses and plates. It’s much easier that way.  Jodi got the appointment made and we went this morning and were out in less than an our with everything done.

We do have to wait a few more days to get vehicle plates.  Last weekend we decided after much debate that the Jeep Wrangler was not cutting it as a travel vehicle.  It’s a soft top and lacking some room.  So, we drove quite a ways to the nearest Carmax and traded it in.  That being said, the electronic paperwork had not made it into the DMV system yet.

The house we’re in is very comfortable.  We can tell it’s a fixer upper that is not completely fixer upd yet.  But, the interior finishes are nice and comfortable.  One of the downsides of this place is its location.  It’s outside of town on a highway.  So there are no walking areas and no where to walk to if you could.  But, on the positive side it has a very large yard, so getting the dogs a workout is easy.  P.S. the old portly beagle doesn’t really work out so much as find different sections of real estate to occupy.

Ok, that should bring everyone up to speed.  I’m going to do my best to get back on our regular blog schedule because I know that all of you hang on my every word.

Later Dudes.


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Pensacola Dog Beach

It’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, Florida so we decided to take the dogs to a dog beach.  Or at least a section of the beach that was designated for dogs.

We found what we were looking for, but it wasn’t the optimal place for dogs.  It was a very small section of the beach that was for dogs.  There were several people and dogs in the small space.  Unfortunately, the meaning of dog beach was different for several of the visitors.  About half of the people were there playing with their dogs.  Letting them run in the sand and water, etc.  Cool.

But, there were an equal number of people that took ‘dog beach’ to mean that it was for people, but you could bring a dog along and make them lay by you in the sand on a leash.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t found many younger dogs that are into getting a tan.  Most want to run.  As they should.

So, the dynamic at the dog beach seemed to be playing dogs that were driving the tied up dogs nuts and annoying the owners of said tied up dogs.  Oh well, we’ll try again on another day.  A sunny Sunday afternoon was probably not the best time to try out the dog beach.  It may be a better option during the week.

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I love being near military bases!

On two of our stays so far we’ve been near military bases.  The first was Parris Island and now we’re near Pensacola Naval Air base.  I don’t want to reenlist at this age, but I still feel at home around the bases and the service members.

Today, I found yet another reason to love it.  Barbershops.  I had forgotten what it was like to get a haircut from a barber that does thousands of them.  Jodi usually cuts my hair, but she’s out of town this week.  Plus, I can’t find our clippers.  Anyways, on the rare occasions that I have to go to a chain barber it takes me a while to explain how to cut my hair and then it usually ends up short of expectations.

But, not at a barber that deals with the military.  I barely have to say a word.  High fade, #2 or #3 on top, leave some bangs and skin tight at the bottom.  Done and done.  The barber I went to today in Pensacola even used hot shaving cream and a bic razor all around.  Fantastic!

As always, I find places using Yelp.  The reviews are often a life saver.  Don’t forget to check in and leave your own reviews.


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All packed and no place to go

Well, we are moving to a new vacation rental today. The good news is that it’s only a few miles away. The downside is that we’re getting better at packing. 

So, we’ve packed the trailer and cleaned the house. But, we’ve got a couple hours to wait until we can check into the next house. 

We’re happy the weather’s nice today so we can wait on the screened in porch. 

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Car Wash near Perdido Key

As you can imagine, traveling with two dogs can leave a car looking like a kennel.  I have a hard time dealing with a dirty car, but it is what it is when you’re on the road.  Our Jeep also needed an oil change, so yesterday we went on the hunt for a oil change and car wash place.  We most often use Yelp to find the places around us and read the reviews.  I searched on Yelp and found Hi-Tech Car Wash and Oil Change Center nearby.  It had 4.5 stars out of 5.

I’m glad we went there.  They were very nice and so thorough that we weren’t sure they’d ever get done with it.  They weren’t slow, just very good.  To their credit, they got rid of all of Daisy’s white hair.  We were impressed and will definitely go back if we’re in the area and need another.

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Video of our vacation rental in Perdido Key

Here’s a short video of our latest vacation rental in Perdido Key.  It’s a 3 bedroom trailer that is very clean, well decorated and comfortable.  We really like the screened in front porch.

We’ll be here for a week until we move to the next place that is nearby.  We’ve got a lot to do here since this area will be our new permanent address.  Drivers licenses, plates, etc.


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