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Never a dull moment…

Today we are at Graceland. I will be posting those pictures later. What you see here is the waiting area on the curb to go into Graceland. We were standing right here moments ago. Several limbs fell from a tree onto one of the groups following us. 

It appears that none of the injuries are too serious based on the speed of the paramedics. We pray that all are okay.

We are ready to be further away from these scary events but greatful to have avoided harm…again.

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Rolling out of cars in Memphis

We’re well on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We made it to our next stop today, which is Memphis, TN.  We’re staying in the Graceland RV park.  The area around Graceland appears to be a little sketchy, but the park is nice.

We’ll be staying here a couple of days before we move on west.

Once we were in Memphis and only 3 to 4 miles from the park, we had a very unique situation happen.  We’re driving along when a car, coming the opposite direction, did a hard, fast u-turn in front of us and a young male, late teens or early 20’s,  rolled out of the back door and across the pavement.

We came to a stop and Jodi called 911 to report it.  I contemplated getting out to assist, but before I could more people showed up, from where I don’t know, and angry voices began.  We decided it was best to let the police come and do their thing and we left the area before things got violent.  Besides, the afternoon shift was filing out of the adjacent strip club to take a look.  There were more than enough feet already on the ground to handle whatever situation it was.

Any who, we arrived safely and got situated.

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We made it to Arkansas!!

– Jodi

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