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You can’t win all the things!

No matter who you are, you want to win all the things!  You want to succeed at everything you try.  For some that may mean you don’t try for fear that you may not win.  I’m here to call the excrement of a bull on that!  (translate that previous sentence as you wish.)

Look at anyone from the Bible, other than Jesus, and you’ll see that winning has never been the point.  Trust and trying are the point.  You see, if you don’t try you don’t get to experience life.  Yes, you’ll still be alive.  But rather than living, you’ll be existing.  There’s a big difference.

Existing means that you are sucking up resources and trying to stay safe so that you can have more resources.  Then you die and whatever resources you have amassed are left behind for the next one to add to their safe collection of stuff.

Here’s a challenge for you as you start off a new week, month and year:  LIVE!  Let go of it, whatever it is.  Are you feeling led to sell your house and move?  Then move!  Are you drawn to change jobs?  Then change!  Are you feeling pushed to work with the homeless?  Go! Now!  Go before you get sucked back into safety.  Safety can be good, but it is rarely fun.  God has called you to adventure!  He has created you to experience everything He has planned for you.  Search the Bible and emulate.  You are not going to win all the things.  But, winning all the things is not the point.  Living is.

God’s waiting at the finish line, the start line and every step in between.  Are you ready to make a move yet?

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Are you living to die?

Jodi is out of town, so if I go out to eat I usually sit at the bar.  No need to take a whole table for just me.  I kind of like to listen to the conversations around me and study the people.

Tonight I ended up beside two men who were somewhere around 70 years old.  As I listened I found out that the bulk of their conversation was about how many years they had left to live, how much money they had saved, and what kind of work they could do to increase that amount before they died.

A couple of times they detoured the conversation onto what they would like to do, but each time they came back around to how to amass more.  It’s a noble thing to make sure your loved ones are taken care of, but what’s worth more?  You or your portfolio.  They also spoke a little about their children, but only to confirm that they’re are following in their footsteps.

As I listened and processed, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was worth it?  Was all the time not spent living worth being wealthy when you die?  They each confidently laid out what they had done, but there was a hint of sadness underneath.  I detected the ever so slight scent of regret.  Do they know deep down that they have missed what was truly important?

I don’t want this to be Jodi or me.  I don’t want it to be you either.  Stop living in preparation for dying.  God has given you one life, live it.  Please.

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