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I guess we should come out of hiding!

Did you think we had gone missing? Been abducted by aliens, even? Well, it feels like it!

As you know, we don’t live in the typical way that most people live. But, the funny thing is that REAL life happens no matter where or how you choose to live.

The honest truth is that we’ve had some challenging personal issues to deal with and while grieving “what might have been” it’s hard to even focus on how we’re living. For almost a month, we have just been happy to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the next.

But, as they say, life goes on…

So, instead of writing a novel about what has transpired in our We Sold Our House world, I will just give you some bullet point updates:

Look at this sweet girl! We got to spend some time with her and our kids this month. She makes everything better!! Three cheers for grandchildren!!!

We last updated in May when we arrived at our charming little cottage in Ocean Sprins, MS. We LOVED it! So cute!

While in MS, we decided that we would like to add a Motorhome to our travel options. No, not to be full-time RV’ers but to give us more options when finding vacation homes is a challenge. So, we bought this beast!We already had houses rented through August so, this purchase has created some logistical challenges. But, we’ve worked through most of those.

Since we bought a Motorhome, we decided it would be easiest to trade in our trailer and Infinity on a Jeep to pull. So, we bought this Jeep.

But, it’s used and needed some work before we could take possession. So, we left it in Ocean Springs where we will be picking it up in a few days.

Yep, we have had no vehicle (other than the Motorhome) for awhile. We’ve been renting and borrowing. So, that’s getting REAL old! Time to get the Jeep…

Which is where we were headed RIGHT NOW, in the Motorhome, until our alternator belt shredded on I10 East. SERIOUSLY!!!

Did I mention that only one air conditioner is working and our generator needs oil but we can’t fill it because we would be immediately flattened by a semi? SERIOUSLY!!

Here’s the good:

A roadside tech is on the way to replace the belt that is covered by warranty.

The tech is covered by our roadside service protection.

We are parked under a bridge in the shade.

It’s raining so, it’s not too hot.

All issues needing repair will be fixed next month (under warranty) while we’re back in our favorite vacation home at The Villages in Florida.

See, it’s all good! I hope…

Prayers, please?!


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It’s been one year!!

One year ago we accepted an offer on our house. I just can’t believe it was a year ago! What were we thinking? I still have no idea how I thought this crazy gypsy lifestyle would work but, we took the leap.

I guess I knew we could make something work but, I just had no clue how much fun this adventure would be. So, this is a blog post to myself, one year ago.

Don’t mourn losing your things. Things is things and they don’t matter! You will forget most of the things you had.

Your box of things (house) is keeping you from having a lot of fun!

Cash is better than your property “investment”. It doesn’t matter what the financial smarty pants people tell you. It’s not their life! It’s yours!

Your dogs will be fine. In fact, they’ll love exploring new yards and meeting new people and animals.

Finding vacation homes will be no problem. You will have the chance to live in homes that you would never dream of owning. Oh, and you don’t have to clean or mow or repair anything.

You will miss events in your home but not the home, itself. The events will now take place in one of your amazing vacation homes in a fabulous location.

You won’t miss your Sleep Number bed. You no longer will miss “my bed”, like you always hear people say. You don’t have a bed to miss. Your body will adjust and about any bed will do just fine.

You don’t need 1/2 of the stuff that you think you MUST keep for your new lifestyle. Priorities change when your possessions must be moved in and out of a new home every month.

You won’t have a favorite place or rental. You will learn to like different aspects of each home and area you live.

You will be able to do more for other people than you’ve ever been able to do in your entire life leading up to this point. Don’t second guess this crazy decision and miss out on being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people who need need it most.


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Great breakfast with Jesus today

I was standing outside with Daisy this morning when an African Woman, probably in her late 40’s or 50’s was walking by our house.

Daisy, of course, completely ignored my commands and joyfully ran out to say hi.  The unknown lady was clearly not comfortable with dogs.  I got Daisy to come back and the next thing I know, the lady who we’ll call May, walked up to me in the carport under the house.

We exchanged the usual greetings and she started telling me that she was new here, after leaving another state to escape an abusive husband, or boyfriend, I can’t remember exactly.  I asked her if I could pray with her, she said yes, and I prayed while she cried.

She told me she was out looking for food and wondered if I might have something she could eat? Of course we did!  She was also hunting for candles for the house she is living in.  Evidently her power is currently shut off.   I invited her in, introduced her to Jodi and we had a great breakfast together thanks to Jodi’s quick cooking skills.  We explained how grateful we were to have the opportunity to serve her because of God’s provision and leading.

She let us know that she believed in Jesus, but no longer considered herself a Christian because she hasn’t been doing Christian things, such as going to church, etc.  Jodi was quick to jump in and let her know that God’s love and gift of salvation is not dependent on our church attendance or other activities.  She seemed happy to hear this.  Of course I’m writing a very abbreviated version of the entire conversation.

After breakfast, more conversation, and loading up another bag for her to take, we prayed again and said our goodbyes.  It was a fantastic morning in Gulfport.


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We found a friendly church today

One of the pitfalls of living a traveling lifestyle is missing our home church.  It can also be difficult to find a church to visit in the places we end up.

Jodi did some web searching this week and found a local church here in Gulfport that is affiliated with the church we came from in Indiana.  We drove by it yesterday and decided to go today since it was Easter Sunday.  I can say that we’re glad we went.  It’s a church called Klein Road Church of God in Gulfport, MS.

It was a very small congregation, but very friendly and the message was great too.  Probably the best part was listening to a lady pray who I can say is the epitome of a prayer warrior.  Her prayer was amazing.  Honestly I would go back just to listen to her pray again.  I can’t adequately explain it, but you just know when someone is praying and they’re very connected to God in that moment.  It was nothing short of inspiring.  We want to pray like her.

We’ll be here in Gulfport for about 3 more weeks, so we’re going to spend each of those coming Sundays at Klein Road.

Happy Easter to all of you.

Brodie and Jodi

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You can’t win all the things!

No matter who you are, you want to win all the things!  You want to succeed at everything you try.  For some that may mean you don’t try for fear that you may not win.  I’m here to call the excrement of a bull on that!  (translate that previous sentence as you wish.)

Look at anyone from the Bible, other than Jesus, and you’ll see that winning has never been the point.  Trust and trying are the point.  You see, if you don’t try you don’t get to experience life.  Yes, you’ll still be alive.  But rather than living, you’ll be existing.  There’s a big difference.

Existing means that you are sucking up resources and trying to stay safe so that you can have more resources.  Then you die and whatever resources you have amassed are left behind for the next one to add to their safe collection of stuff.

Here’s a challenge for you as you start off a new week, month and year:  LIVE!  Let go of it, whatever it is.  Are you feeling led to sell your house and move?  Then move!  Are you drawn to change jobs?  Then change!  Are you feeling pushed to work with the homeless?  Go! Now!  Go before you get sucked back into safety.  Safety can be good, but it is rarely fun.  God has called you to adventure!  He has created you to experience everything He has planned for you.  Search the Bible and emulate.  You are not going to win all the things.  But, winning all the things is not the point.  Living is.

God’s waiting at the finish line, the start line and every step in between.  Are you ready to make a move yet?

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Keep your eyes open

There is a song on my favorites playlist from Need To Breath called Keep Your Eyes Open.  It’s a song about keeping your eyes and heart open to God’s lead.  We all tend to hunt for the safe place.  The place where we won’t have to stress, struggle or suffer.  I’m sorry, but, as they say, the struggle is real.  The safe place is on God’s path and nowhere else.

There is a great adventure out there for each of us.  Unfortunately, most will never find it.  We don’t find it because we’ve been conditioned to hunt for the safe path instead.  We believe that there’s a magical place in this life where we can eliminate struggle.  We’ve been taught that if you do good in school, get the right job, get the right house in the right neighborhood then safety will be ours.  The problem is that while we hunt for that elusive prize we miss life.  We miss the adventure that God has planned.

Here’s the good news: it’s not too late to get off of the path of false safety.  You can live in God’s adventure today.  All you have to do is stop trusting in yourself, in your job, in your safety and follow.  I’m not going to try to sugar coat it and say that God’s path is all rainbows and butterfly kisses.  It’s not and sometimes you’ll wonder if God has lead you out into the unknown just to watch you die.  He has not!  He may lead you into some desert, some wilderness, but He’s still there by your side every step of the way.  Guiding and providing.

Just keep moving and praying.  Keep your eyes open for the next step.  Keep your eyes open for the next adventure.  At the end of your days, you’ll be glad you lived a life worth living.

Eyes Wide Open (Gotye song)

Eyes Wide Open (Gotye song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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