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My favorite Gulfport area

Other than a few of the hole in the wall places we’ve found, my favorite area in Gulfport is around the Hard Rock Casino.  The casino itself doesn’t interest me.

But, the area surrounding it is very nice.  Probably because it’s renovated and geared toward vacationers.  This area is updated and well maintained.  There are several restaurants of various price levels.  There is also a mall along with other stores and a Walmart.  After all, no place is complete without a Walmart, :).

There’s also a lot of beach space if that’s your thing.  From what we can tell, you can rent a vacation home in the area for a good price if you don’t mind not being right in the heart of the vacation to do areas.

There are several areas that have not made a full recovery after hurricane Katrina.  But, it appears to be slowly coming back.


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