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Today was much better!

We are out of Florida and headed west toward the Grand Canyon. I’m sure you’ve heard that Harry Potter’s girlfriend is hitting the Florida cost right now. Well, we weren’t sticking around to meet her.

We seem to be right in front of the big storms but the storm clouds have been beautiful!!

The trauma of last night’s lock-out has passed and all is well.


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Back in Georgia

We’re back where we started this month.  In Georgia.  In Acworth to be exact.  We’re staying in one of the cabins by Lake Alatoona again.  We spent a week here a little over a year ago.  We’re staying a month this time.

There aren’t many rentals in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, so we’re pretty limited on where we can stay here.  The majority of the rentals that are here are incredibly overpriced in our opinion, and not worth breaking our budget for.

We had to make a Walmart run last night and became extremely aware of the fact that we’re back among the suburban zombies.  Everyplace was busy.  Roads that used to be slow country roads are now mini highways.  Very few people would look at us or speak.  We seem to be invisible here.

On the brighter side, it is nice to be someplace where we know the lay of the land better.    That way, if we have to escape from the zombies at least know the roads.

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Where we’ve been and where we’re going:

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated our travel map. I had to switch to dots because the stars were too big.

The red dots show where we’ve been and the green show future confirmed locations through August 2016.

Fripp Island, SC

Acworth, GA

Perdito Key, FL

Perdito, FL

Gulfport, MS

The Villages, FL

Gulf Shores, AL

The Villages, FL

Hot Springs Village, AR

Harker Heights, TX

Port Charlotte, FL

Port Saint Joe, FL

Augusta, GA

Tuscumbia, AL

Future Cities:

Acworth, GA

Ocean Springs, MS

Waco, TX

The Villages, FL

Whew! That list is getting long!


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Too expensive in Metro Atlanta

Jodi has been looking for quite a while to find a vacation or short term rental in the Metro Atlanta area.  If we could stay in the area for a short time we could see our daughter and friends, visit our old church, go to our storage unit, etc.

Up until now everything Jodi could find was a stupid amount of expensive and not a good fit for two people traveling with a small trailer and dogs.  Last night Jodi decided to try Air bnb to see if she could find any better results.

It looks like Air bnb may be the answer we’ve been looking for.  For unknown reasons more people, at least in the Atlanta area, are listing their rentals on this site more than any others.  Who knows, maybe they just did better marketing in Georgia.

So, hopefully we’ll hear back from one of the owners today and we can go home again for a month or so.


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It’s been a year…

One year ago, today, we put our house on the market and decided to start this crazy adventure. I cannot believe it’s been a year!!

Wow! I remember how crazy scary this decision was to make. There were times between August 4th and December 10th (the date we moved) that I really thought that this was the absolute dumbest thing we had ever done. 

Honestly, there was a lot of grieving involved. I wanted so badly not to care about our “stuff”. I’m not one to cling to my earthly belongings and it made me mad that I was sad. 

Ok, enough of that… I am SO happy that we made the decision to move on and free ourselves from our giant, pretty, box of stuff.

We have been traveling for 9 months and my only regret is not having done it sooner.

P.S. I DON’T MISS MY STUFF!!! I don’t even remember most of it. I really recommend letting go of the beautiful things that weigh you down and prevent you from embarking on your adventure.


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Creepy door knocker 

This is the door knocker on the front door of the house we’re renting. We can’t figure out the genders. We only know that to knock on door, you smash their faces together. Weird. 


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St. Simons Island

We’re half way through our stay at Three Sisters Cottage on St. Simons Island in Georgia.  We’ve come here every year for the last 5 years or so for a work conference that Jodi has.

So far so good, although it’s not quite as convenient as it was in The Villages.  Honestly, we miss having the golf cart and paths to get around.  We’ve seen some people driving carts here, but the area is not designed for them.  It’s also been incredibly hot and humid this week.  That’s typical weather for here this time of year, but it seems to be exceptionally heavy air this year.

On a side note: as I’m typing this post there are related news stories that are coming up in a sidebar.  The first story in the list has this title: Human skull found in St. Simons Island surf.  You don’t see that every day.


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Will we beat the snow?

Well, we’re almost totally packed. Now we wait for morning to head south.

Our main concern right now is will the weather cooperate? It’s already started snowing. We’re not too worried about the snow, it’s the hills and ice.

We shall see what tomorrow holds.

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My face hurts

I don’t know why the weather hates us, but I think it does.
We’re back in Georgia for a week and its brutal cold. At least for Georgia.
A house right next to a lake probably doesn’t help. A couple more days and we head further south. Maybe we’ll find temps above freezing.


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Holiday Marina Harbor

It’s been a few days since our last post.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind since we got here to Acworth, GA.  We’re staying in a small cabin on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia at a place called Holiday Marina Harbor.  It’s kind of nice back here.  Quiet and nobody has knocked on the door to let us know of all the rules we’re breaking.  It’s not a 5 star resort back here, but it’s clean, comfortable and peaceful.  The rear of the cabin overlooks Lake Allatoona.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been outside much.  The weather has turned very cold, so staying inside is a much better experience.  Jodi has had the time and convenient location to see several of her customers and I’ve been busy getting things ready for the next trip down to Florida.  Part of that preparation included four new tires on the jeep.  I would have rather not spent that money, but we have been saving for auto related repairs in the budget.  So all is well.

We’re ready to find some warmer weather for a while.  But, I’m sure we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity soon enough.  We’ve also dumped a few things from our load that we found we didn’t need with us.  I made the trip to our storage unit that is nearby today to put those items on standby for now.  Maybe we’ll need them later.  If not they’ll probably be donated at some point in the future.

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain ...

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain State Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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