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Wonderful Failure

Well, we failed! Our goal was to make it to The Grand Canyon and we only made it as far as Santa Fe, NM. We were just having too much fun and spending too much time at the fun stops along the way. Plus, our journey started in Central Florida so, we had to drive quite a distance just to reach Route 66 in Oklahoma City.

We didn’t have a travel schedule for a reason. I sure didn’t want to be gone for 15 days and return absolutely exhausted and feeling like we all we did was drive.

Mission accomplished! We meandered off and on Route 66, saw some fun sites, ate amazing food, and had an overall fun and relaxing trip. We will cover Arizona and Colorado on the next trip. 

We are currently making our way back east to Alabama. Since I don’t have fun vacation pics to show on our trip back, I figured I would share the goofy Daisy Mae. She sure is a good traveler and she absolutely loves the Motorhome.

Oh, and we are headed to our next “first” adventure in Alabama. More on that next week…


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We’re getting closer!

We’re headed to Stockyards City to play this afternoon. We’ll be staying at an RV park on a Buffalo ranch. The doggies are so excited because they will be getting some fresh femur slices for the freezer.


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Motorhome Firsts

In keeping with our new adventure of RV ownership “firsts”, we are about to weather our first major storm. 

As you know, we’ve already experienced the death of an air conditioner during record breaking high temps in TX, LA, MS, AL, and now FL. Of course, you shared in our misery while we waited on the side of i10 for a new alternator belt.

So, at this point, we should be wondering if this was a good idea. Right?

Nope! We love it!

The doggies love it, too!

But, the “firsts” that are scary and cost big money can STOP!!!


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Finding History

One thing we love about living in different places is discovering America’s history. Walking the dogs helps us get up close to the historic markers and really inspect the buildings and pathways.  

Today’s walk took us past the birthplace of Helen Keller.  Ivy Green is not open for tours on Sundays but we were able to walk around the property.

We’ve all read about Ivy Green in History class but it is surprisingly exactly what I had pictured.  

We also stumbled upon the first railroad west of the Alleghenies.

So, here we are in little ole Tuscumbia, AL. When we tell people where we’re staying they say “where?”. Yep, we said the same thing before we got here.

Get out there and go to some new cities that you’ve never explored. You might be surprised at what you find.


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Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Take a walk with us at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

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It’s loading day!

We are packing up and loading the trailer again. This is our least favorite part of the gypsy life. But, when you don’t have many belongings, it’s not so bad. Of course, we are currently in a beach house, which means we’re on stilts, which means walking up and down a bunch of stairs. 

I hate stairs! I try really hard to rent homes that are ground level. But, that’s not always possible. 

Our next home is a modernized Victorian in downtown Augusta. 

Only 5 steps to the door. That’s nice! Yes, we still have stairs to the bedroom level but that’s not a problem.

Tomorrow, we point the gypsy mobile to Augusta and head off to our next adventure.


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It’s been one year!!

One year ago we accepted an offer on our house. I just can’t believe it was a year ago! What were we thinking? I still have no idea how I thought this crazy gypsy lifestyle would work but, we took the leap.

I guess I knew we could make something work but, I just had no clue how much fun this adventure would be. So, this is a blog post to myself, one year ago.

Don’t mourn losing your things. Things is things and they don’t matter! You will forget most of the things you had.

Your box of things (house) is keeping you from having a lot of fun!

Cash is better than your property “investment”. It doesn’t matter what the financial smarty pants people tell you. It’s not their life! It’s yours!

Your dogs will be fine. In fact, they’ll love exploring new yards and meeting new people and animals.

Finding vacation homes will be no problem. You will have the chance to live in homes that you would never dream of owning. Oh, and you don’t have to clean or mow or repair anything.

You will miss events in your home but not the home, itself. The events will now take place in one of your amazing vacation homes in a fabulous location.

You won’t miss your Sleep Number bed. You no longer will miss “my bed”, like you always hear people say. You don’t have a bed to miss. Your body will adjust and about any bed will do just fine.

You don’t need 1/2 of the stuff that you think you MUST keep for your new lifestyle. Priorities change when your possessions must be moved in and out of a new home every month.

You won’t have a favorite place or rental. You will learn to like different aspects of each home and area you live.

You will be able to do more for other people than you’ve ever been able to do in your entire life leading up to this point. Don’t second guess this crazy decision and miss out on being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people who need need it most.


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Maybe we prayed wrong!?!

This is our current situation. Yes, we are right in the path of the brutal rain coming from the strongest hurricane in reported history, Hurricane Patricia.

But, this is really no surprise. Why? Well, because this is what we seem to be chasing since our travels began.

We started out in December of last year staying on Fripp Island where the average December/January temperatures are mid to high 60’s. Nope! We had freezing, record low temps the entire time. This continued at multiple locations through April. Freezing!!

And then came May in Orlando where the height temps typically top out in the mid 80’s. Nope! It went straight to mid 90’s. After that, every location we’ve been has had record high temps between 90-100 degrees.

We were so grateful to finally be in TX where the temperatures were so moderate for about a week. Then we went right back to 90-100 degrees. And then Patricia shows up to drown us!

We have prayed that we will make an impact on the areas where we travel. Ummm, I think we need to change our wording because I didn’t realize we would bring Biblical weather events. Oops!


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Our Texas Home

This is our cute little house in Harker Heights, TX. We are about 10 minutes from Killen and around 15 minutes from Fort Hood. This little house is called Mamau’s House. It is an in-law house behind a private residence.

This is the first time we’ve used Airbnb because we would typically choose to have a private residence since we have dogs. However, we hit the jackpot with this house! 

The entire property is fenced in and there are three resident dogs that have adopted us. Taygar, the Great Dane, is Daisy’s bestie. They jump in the pool, run in the yard, and wrestle in the mulch. Every morning, Tay waits in front of the house for Daisy.  

It has been great for the animals but very fun for us, too! Tonight, the owners hosted an Octoberfest party out by the pool. Everyone brought food and their dogs. It is so fun to hang out with dog lovers. They’re good people!

The owners are both veterinarians. Score! We got our dog’s vaccinated here at home and didn’t have to take them into the scary clinic. AWESOME!

Oh, and we got us some Texas boots.  

Did I mention that we have a grand baby coming, soon? Yay!


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Most pleasant house?

Well, as most of you know, we’ve stayed in many houses, now. Since December, we have had 11 Vacation homes. 

As I’m drinking my coffee and watching the dogs do their thing, I feel that this might just be the most peaceful, pleasant home we’ve stayed in, so far. But, I’m not sure why.

We’ve had many homes with a beautiful view and a nice porch in which to enjoy the outdoors. Many of those homes have also had a fenced area for the dogs. All of our homes have had more space since this house is actually an in-law home on the property of a private residence.

And then it hit me! It’s not the house or the view that’s so amazing. It’s the fact that I can sit outside at 7am without my eyelids sweating!

Since December, we have been in record setting temperatures. December-April were record lows and April-September have been above 90 degrees in every state. That’s 6 months of sweating in places that you didn’t know we’re capable of sweating!

Yay, Fall!!


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