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Myrtle Beach, SC

After two weeks in a beautiful tree covered (squirrel filled) park in Savannah, we are headed north to Myrtle Beach, SC. 

We are DONE with squirrels! Daisy just CAN’T EVEN!! She was sure to have a stroke if our time in Savannah didn’t end soon.

Peace has been restored and we are about 4 hours away from our next beach stay. No squirrels on the beach! Thank goodness!!


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Maiden Voyage

There she be! Navigating the tight roads of a 45 year old campground that wasn’t quite expecting Motorhomes of her size.

We’ve had a busy week working and traveling. We started out last weekend at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. That was pretty fun since neither of us have ever stayed at a Disney resort. It’s a fun campground with very nice facilities and plenty of activities. 

Although it was a short stay, we did get one day at Epcot and a fun night at The Hoop Dee Doo Revue.

We had the perfect table right next to the piano and banjo.

The show was hilarious!! 

The remainder of the week has been spent in Dunedin, FL visiting friends and family. We had a wonderful brunch with Bob & Kim Bennett. Of course, we forgot to take pictures.

We had a great time catching up with my cousin Jenny (See the family resemblance?). The Mellow Mushroom in Clearwater is pretty cool!

This is the amazing Camphor tree at Mellow Mushroom.

So, we had fun and saw a bunch of family. However, our Motorhome had to go back to the hospital when we returned to The Villages. It seems that Alliance didn’t fix what they said they did. I will give them one chance to get it right before I drastically change my review.


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The Daisy Train

The Daisy Train is ready to roll!!We finally have “The Beast” back from the RV hospital. It has been a patient at Alliance Coach since 6/30 and we were beginning to wonder if it would be finished before time to leave The Villages. 

Side note: Alliance Coach – Wildwood at The Villages, FL is absolutely wonderful! If you are in the area and looking for a new trailer, motor coach, parts, or service, speak with Mike Wittman. He sure took care of these two novice RV owners. They even have a campground and dog park!

So, we were a bit nervous about our repair bill. There were 11 items that were MUST do and a few that were optional. But, it all turned out well and kind of weird. For instance, how much do you think it would cost to fix an AC unit? Now, how much would you guess two new side mirrors would cost?Unless you have dealt with these issues, I bet your guess was wrong. The AC cost $180 to fix. The new side mirrors cost almost $2000!!! Bah! The mirrors are all smart and fancy with turn signals, heat, tinting… Basically, you can’t change styles or downgrade because the wiring won’t match up.But, we got a great deal on our RV and we knew that meant we would need to put some money into it. So, we paid around $20K under book value and our 11 repairs cost us $2900 (yes, that is $2K for the mirrors and $900 for 10 additional repairs). Plus, the alternator belt installed on the side of i10 in TX cost $500. So, we still feel like it was a great purchase. (See interiors photos below this post.)

Budget: For those following our budgeting process, this is how we pay for the RV, maintenance, fuel, and camping: It comes out of our housing budget. We budget $2000/month for housing no matter what. As you can imagine, the months of living in the RV are far below that budget. Of course, most of the homes we rent are below that monthly cost, as well. It’s working for now. We’ll keep you posted.


Here are a few interior photos without the slide outs extended:

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Big plans!!

Guess where we’re headed! 

Have Motorhome – Must Travel 


Woohoo! I’m so excited. I haven’t been to the Southwest since I was about 11 years old. Brodie has never been. So, we decided to make it an adventure by navigating there on Route 66. 

Of course, we’ll only hit about half of the historic highway but the section between Oklahoma and Arizona has a lot of the fun roadside attractions and “must-sees”.

So, I have some planning and light reading to do over the next month. These books are great! If you’re interested you can go to National Historic Route 66 Foundation and check out their travel and planning guides.


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We answer some questions

Yesterday, Brodie asked if anyone had questions about the way we live. We have already received some great feedback. I would like to answer one from Jane. Here’s the question:

I have found your blog really useful as my husband and I have been considering doing the same thing in Canada, with the occasional dip into US. Most of my iterest is in how you decide where to locate yourself and where and how you select properties etc. Are there things you miss not having a stable home. We love the idea of doing all this but it is quite a scary thing to embark on as once we do it there is no going back. I doubt we could get back into home ownership market, or at least not to the level we have at the moment. But the thought of travelling and being free of all the things ownership entails is very tempting. Thanks.

How do we decide on locations?

We travel within my sales territory. Some of our location choices are based on work events in that month. Some are chosen due to projects that I have in the area. And sometimes, we are just interested in seeing a new area of the country. Of course, sometimes we choose a place because there is little available in other areas due to seasonal demand and prices.

As far as finding homes that are available, I rely mostly on I have used FlipKey and airBnB a couple of times but not often. I look for single family homes that are dog friendly and have a King size bed. Those are the top 3 qualifiers that we have. The rest are just preferences. I ALWAYS speak to the owner by phone. There is no replacement for an actual conversation with another human. You DO NOT want to feel like you’re not welcome in the home you’re in which you’re staying!!!

Are there things we miss about not having a stable home?

This one is hard. I would first say that homeownership is no longer very stable. The investment of a home just isn’t a sure thing anymore. But, I would assume that you’re asking about lifestyle more than financial security.

I would say that the things I miss are kind of silly. I miss the couches that we chose and were comfortable to us. We never know how comfy a couch or bed will be in each house. But, we just don’t really care, now, because we know we’ll only be there for a month.

We do miss friends but we still see them. When we see them now, the time spent together is more valuable and cherished. Plus, they come to visit us in some pretty amazing places.

“If we do this, there’s no going back.” (This is my favorite part of this question)

This is a lie! Or as I like to say, “This is the devil.” You can always go back. What you are living now is the norm. You may feel like you could not recreate it but deep down, I know that you know that’s not true. Sure, it may be a different home with different furnishings but, you can always go back to homeownership. Plus, with all of the money you save living like a nomad, you could probably buy your next home with cash.

I promise you, the unforeseen challenges that you fear the most will turn out to be non-issues. I can say this because we had the same thoughts and fears. We just had to remind ourselves that we can change our mind and buy a home again at anytime.

Thanks for your questions, Jane! Feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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Tetris Packing

When everything you own must fit into a 5×8 trailer, you develope some Tetris packing skills!  

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Finding the Secret Beaches

Like most people, we figured that we couldn’t or wouldn’t be willing to pay the price for a beach house. But, if you are flexible with dates and willing to stay in the less known beach towns, most everyone can find a home to fit their needs and budget.

This is a beautiful 3000 sq ft home right on Treasure Beach in Port Saint Joe, FL. This home rents for around $2000 a month December-mid March. Is that high season in the Florida Panhandle? Nope! That’s why you come here during that time. No crowds, cool temps, plenty of sun, and your dogs can run and play on the beach.

This same home rents for about $2500 a WEEK during high season. What?!? NO!

This is such a peaceful time of year to be here. The Christmas celebrations are fun and the locals are very friendly! We are 15 minutes to Apalachicola to the East, 10 minutes to Port Saint Joe to the West, and an hour to Panama City. There is no shortage of events from boat parades to Christmas Tree lightings and downtown parades.

Oh, you only stay in condos so that you have a pool and the beach? Well, lookie here! Many of these beach homes have heated pools and hot tubs, too. Yes, this is the same home that rents for $2000 a month during the winter.

I believe we will return again next year! Who’s coming to see us for Christmas or New Year’s? Make your plans now because the house only sleeps 12.


P.S.   I am writing this post with the doors open, Christmas lights on (yes, we have a Christmas Tree), and listening to the sound of crashing waves. Merry Christmas to me!

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Here We Be

  We are now at the beach in Port Saint Joe, Florida. The weather is great. The beach is wonderful. The view is priceless. The speed is SLOW!

Have you ever wanted to live in the country and have a view of the ocean? Well, I think I’ve found the place for you. It’s about 10 minutes into our little country town on the Gulf. 

 This is our country grocery that is very clean and well stocked. The employees are good, kind, country folks that are eager to chat.

  Yes, time has stopped. When is the last time you saw Mrs. Pack Man and Galaga in your local grocery store?

Speaking of time… 

 We have no freakin’ clue what time it is! We are technically in Eastern Time Zone but, our phones get service from a tower in Central Time Zone. So, the time on our phones is different that our home clocks. The two closest “big” towns are Apalachicola and Panama City. One is EST and one is CST. How will I keep my calendar straight for meetings? This could get interesting.
We’re here for two months so I’m sure we’ll get accustomed to this new way of life. Always interesting…


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Some lessons learned:

If I were to ask you to define a perfect vacation home, how would you answer?

What if you would be in that home for 4-6 weeks with 2 dogs?

But what if you weren’t living out of suitcases and everything you own is along for the ride, as well?

That’s a hard question to answer until you’ve had a chance to give it a try. We are now 8 months into this new way of living and these are a few things we look for:

King Size Bed:

We have two dogs that sleep with us. We cannot do Queen size beds! It just doesn’t work. No sleep is had by the humans.

Single Level Homes:

Sometimes this is a challenge but I try my best to find homes with the least amount of stairs. When I see a two story home, I see the house above. Imagine carrying all of your belongings up several flights of stairs for a month’s stay. Blech! Just NO!

Must be a House:

While there are many beautiful apartments, condos, and townhomes, I only book homes. We have dogs and it’s just easier. Plus, the Beagle is a screamer. He just can’t help himself!

Close Proximity to Airport:

I still have to fly for work, sometimes. With our new lifestyle, I fly much less but it’s still necessary from time to time and I refuse to drive two hours to an airport.

Washer and Dryer:

Because DUH!

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Skyping with your doctor

One of the problems we had to solve by living a more transient lifestyle was my doctors appointments.  I have PTSD and I have a follow up appointment with my doctor every three months.  I wasn’t sure how we were going to solve this problem.  I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to find a new doctor every few months and having to explain my needs over and over again.

Luckily I found out that my doctor does Skype appointments for those that already have been seeing him.  So, I had my first remote appointment with him today and his office phoned in my prescriptions to the Walgreens that is nearest to us here on Fripp Island.

I don’t know that this method would work with every kind of doctor, but if you’re seeing the doctor just for a follow up it would be worth checking to see if this option is available.  For my prescriptions, I gave them the location of the nearest Walgreens and the doctors office called them in.  Done and done.


Walgreens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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