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The End, Again

  We have reached the end of our stay in Augusta. Yes, February is a short month but it sure feels like time has gone very quickly during this stay. It’s probably because I was traveling during most of our stay and then we were sick.

We have really enjoyed our time here and will most likely return very soon. We have even offered to buy this house should they decide to sell. No, we would not live here permanently, it would be a home base and vacation rental.

There’s this little event called The Masters that happens in Augusta every April which makes it a prime vacation rental hot spot. Plus, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out.  The doggies have really enjoyed our walks in this urban setting. There are big windows to look out, a big porch to lounge on, and a great fenced in yard to poop in. 

Stay tuned for a video review of this property.


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Still remembering how we got here.

How did you get here? What made you decide to live like this? How did you make it happen? How did you know what to do?

These are questions that people are asking me now. You would think that something so crazy would have had a specific thought date and call-to-action date. I’m pretty sure that’s true but I can’t remember them.

Yes, it’s only been one year since we accepted an offer on our home, began selling all of our possessions, and started the search for vacation home rentals. (BTW, how ridiculous does all of that sound?) But, there’s a lot I can’t remember or maybe I just didn’t think it was important or a key decision. 

The most basic answer is that we wanted a change, we were OVER owning a home, and we wanted more control of our time and finances.

The more accurate answer probably lies in the footsteps left in the sand. If you could see them, you’d see that there is only one set because we were carried most of the way to where we are now.

We could not have imagined and orchestrated a more perfect life and living situation than we have had for the past year. This is God, not us.


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The Villages, FL Vacation Home – Village of Hillsboro – July 2015

This is more of a video tour than a review. We absolutely loved this house but, the owners love it, too. The day after we checked out, they moved in full time. I don’t blame them. It’s a great little house. But, this means that none of you will have a chance to rent this beautiful home.

As usual, I waited until check-out day to do the video and I forgot a few things like the exterior and the garage. But, at least I remembered to take the video. Right?


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Doggie Paradise

 We live in a neighborhood of Courtyard Villas. They are the only homes in The Villages that have fenced in yards. As you can imagine, every home in these sections is occupied by animal lovers and their pets. Animal lovers are good neighbors!

This is the grassy half of our little courtyard in The Villages. It’s not huge but it’s perfect! Most of the vacation homes that we’ve rented, so far, have had decent yards. And I would say that all of them have been bigger than this one.

But folks, it is not the size of the yard but the area of the fence that makes life fun for the doggies and easier on us!!

This is the other side of our courtyard. You may be wondering why we would be so excited to have a fenced in, concrete, runway. Well, I’ll tell you why:

This is where we throw a ball and run Miss Daisy until she drops.

It’s awesome! The ball bounces off the fence, the house, the bushes…She loves it! We love it! We love Daisy when she’s a little less awake and less in love with life.

Boogie, of course, just likes to go out and lay his belly in the warm concrete and charge up his solar panels in the Florida sun. 

Oh, and this is the first house that we’ve stayed in that has NO steps. Do you know how happy that makes an old Beagle with 4 inch ground clearance? Boogie thinks The Villages were made for him and I would have to agree.


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Gulfport, MS Vacation Home VRBO #320822

Today we are leaving our vacation home in Gulfport, MS. We have really enjoyed our time in this area. Though the area is still recovering from the wrath of Katrina 10 years ago, the residents are really making attempts at rebuilding a beautiful costal vacation area.

We really enjoyed this house. It is a stilt home that is clean and welcoming.  Of course, we LOVE that it is dog friendly. There is plenty of grass space for the dogs to play.

The beds are very comfortable, the towels are fluffy and plentiful, the washer and dryer are huge, and there are plenty of cleaning supplies and necessities provided.

Take a look at the video tours:

Interior Tour – CLICK HERE
Exterior Tour – CLICK HERE

Make sure to go to Ivy Vista to book your vacation today. Tell Hugh that Brodie and Jodi referred you.


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Perdito/Pensacola, FL Vacation Home Review


We just finished up a month long stay on Perdito Bay in Pensacola, FL. We really enjoyed this 3BR/2BA home with views of the bay. 


The house sits on a large property and offers a secluded and safe place for dogs to run and play.


The kitchen is bright and open to the living area. This layout is perfect for a large family or group of friends.the kitchen is fully equipped and has an awesome chef’s gas range. this home has all hard surface flooring which makes it great for beach living.



Do you like porches? Well, you have your choice of water view out the front or a screened in porch in the back.


Table for 4 in addition to the kitchen island which seats 6. Great flat screen TV with surround sound in the living room.


This isn’t a great picture but, you can see an additional seating area on the opposite end of the living room. This area is right inside the front door.


If the porches aren’t enough, you also have an all season room in the front of the house just off of the dining area.


The bathrooms are large and beautifully decorated. The master bath has a large walk-in shower.


This is the view of the bay down the driveway in the front of the house. There is also a dock but it was being repaired during our stay.

We really enjoyed this home and it’s proximity to Pensacola Beach, Perdito Key, Orange Beach, and Foley, AL. We Will absolutely return next year. Make sure to visit VRBO to rent this property:

Tell Vicki that Brodie and Jodi referred you.


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Miles of walking space on Fripp Island

Weather permitting, there is a lot of space for walking, dog walking, running and biking on Fripp Island in South Carolina.

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Control your dog around free range alligators

So, I’m very frustrated today.  During our short time on Fripp Island we’ve been introduced to their seemingly never ending list of rules.

Today’s rule is a little perplexing though.  I had our dog, Daisy, out in the road playing fetch with a ball.  We keep an e-collar on her so that she doesn’t run off, but this is rarely an issue.  She enjoys the game too much.

Then Fripp Island security came along to let me know that we can play ball, but Daisy has to be on a leash.  First, how do you play fetch with a dog on a leash?  That’s called playing fetch with myself.  Not fun.  So we packed up our toys and went home.  As I was thinking about the Fripp Island rules that I seem to keep running afoul of, I remembered the beware of alligator signs that are all over the place.  We’ve seen the free roaming alligators on the golf course and by houses and sidewalks several times.

So, the rule is dogs must be on a leash even if they are controlled by an alternate means, but alligators are free to roam wherever they please.   I guess I could go try to play fetch with an alligator, but I’m not sure it would work out very well.

Two American Alligators (Alligator mississippi...

Two American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis), Florida, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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South Carolina Beach Resorts | Vacation at Fripp Island

I was thinking this morning that maybe some of you would want to learn more about Fripp Island.  After all, I knew absolutely nothing about the place until we decided to make this one of our stays.  It’s very quiet now, but judging by the number of parked golf carts i’ve seen, I can only imagine how busy it must be here during peak vacation times.  Have you been here?

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a maj...

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a major landmark on Fripp Island, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

South Carolina Beach Resorts | Vacation at Fripp Island.

via South Carolina Beach Resorts | Vacation at Fripp Island.

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Day 4 – Are we excited, yet?

I really appreciate all of you joining us in this journey. I have received so many encouraging comments, posts, emails, calls, texts… the list goes on. I really thought that most people would think that we are crazy. Not that I was worried about the nay sayers but, I sure was wrong. It’s so refreshing to know that we all share a common goal to reach happiness in our own quirky little ways.

One question that everyone seems to be asking is about our level of excitement.

“So, are you excited about your new adventure?”

The answer is very difficult but would honestly be “no”. I really don’t know why I’m not excited other than I don’t know what to be excited about. We’ve never done this before. We’ve always had a specific place to look forward to moving into. I could imagine moving my furniture in, painting walls, planting flowers… I just don’t know what to dream about. It’s not that I’m not happy or thrilled for a change. I am so grateful for this journey and what I don’t know to dream. Hmmm, I think I’m confusing myself.

Plus, I have a job. I guess I just don’t have time to be excited or worried. And there you have it…


Where I will dream to be...

Where I will dream to be…

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