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I drove a golf cart through hell and back

It is just fun to be able to drive a golf cart wherever you need to go within The Villages.  Take today for example.  I needed to pick up some rental papers from the main rental office in Lake Sumter Village.  According to The Villages GPS app, it’s a 5 mile drive via golf cart.

It was about 10am or so and I had been out with the dogs and it wasn’t too hot.  So I made the choice to drive the golf cart over.  Unfortunately, I didn’t plan ahead for the second half of my mission.  It was a very comfortable and pleasant drive over. One of those days when everything just seems to be right.  I got my business done at the sales office, had lunch at Panera Bread and then headed back home.

As I said before, the weather on the trip to Lake Sumter was very nice.  The weather on the way back was similar to what I would imagine hell feels like.  Even with the heat though, it was still fun.  Plus, environmentally speaking, I’m sure I saved a penguin or something by driving the cart instead of the car.  Actually, a polar bear probably ate the penguin that I may have saved, so all of my efforts were for nothing.

Oh well.  If you ever come and stay at the Villages, make sure you have a golf cart.  You’ll be glad you did.


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Golf cart row

It’s a busy night at Brownwood Square in the Villages. This is just one row of many golf carts. 


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New Villages Cart 

We’re back in the Villages and this new house includes a cool golf cart.  It’s not as fast as the last one, but it definitely runs better. 


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Golf Carting to McAlisters

Scène from the Police Academy Stunt Show

Scène from the Police Academy Stunt Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far, one of my favorite parts of staying in The Villages are the golf carts.  Each individual village also has a town square kind of place.  You’ll find various restaurants and stores in each village.

So today we took the cart and headed to our town square for lunch at McAlisters Deli and a brief stop at Publix.  There are several stores for various shopping wants in each town square.  We don’t buy much if we don’t need it, so we haven’t been into any of those yet.  Maybe we’ll get bored and go look at what we don’t want to buy.


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Racing the Rainbow Rocket in the Villages

When we got here at the Villages one of our first orders of business was to find a golf cart.  The ‘official’ cart rental place was way too expensive and all of the carts have governors on them.  FYI, governors keep the speed down.  Not fun.

We wanted to spend way less and wanted no governor.  Jodi and I have the need for speed.  So the gas powered rainbow colored rocket we rented elsewhere has no governor.

Under the right conditions we can hit speeds a little over 30mph.  That doesn’t sound like much until your going around a sharp curve and straight into a tunnel.  The cart is a little top heavy, so we have to lean into the turn to keep all the tires on the asphalt.  It definitely works better with two of us on board.

P.S. Having a golf cart here is another one of those, “learn as we go” things.  Neither of us did research on what a golf cart rental would cost, so we weren’t concerned about renting a house that didn’t come with one.  In the future we’ll try to find a rental that comes with a cart.

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart....

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart. Italiano: Foto di una golf cart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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We got our golf cart today

After much debate Jodi and I decided to go ahead and get a golf cart for the duration of our stay in the Villages.  We checked and double checked prices and found that the lady Jodi had spoken with originally was the best deal.

We weren’t sure about getting a cart from someone’s house.  So we decided to just go there and see if it seemed legitimate or not.  I’m happy to say that it did indeed look legit.  The lady that rents them had about 4 carts on hand.  Plus, she was more than 50% less on the price.

We first stopped at the ‘official’ golf cart store at the Villages.  While the carts were nice, they wouldn’t budge on the price even a little.  It was just too much money.  They were asking $963.00 for one month.  Yes, that is an insane amount of money for a golf cart.  Their carts also have governors installed that limit the speed.  The carts at the small business have no governors.  I was hitting speeds of 25mph in the right wind.

Golf carts

Golf carts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The small business that we rented from was instead $500.00 for 6 weeks.  That’s a huge difference.

Let me say quickly that the golf cart is not a necessity to stay at the villages.  But, it does make it a lot easier and convenient.  The whole community is designed to accommodate golf carts as a major mode of transportation.

From what we’ve seen in our short time here so far is that every place has ample golf cart parking and minimal car parking.  So, there you have it.  We had not budgeted for a golf cart, so we’ll have to do that in the future.  Lesson learned.  We also could’ve tried to find a house to rent that came with a cart.  But again, lessoned learned.

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Time to pack and go!

It’s time to pack and go, sort of.  Actually, we’re very ready to get back on the road to our next destination.  We started to begin packing up today and then we realized we don’t really have much to pack.  I’ll need to get our trailer from the storage lot on Fripp Island and pack up a little in the house, but then we’re done.  More than anything, we’re just ready to go again and see what’s next.  We’re also happy that the next stop will be a little less remote.

Some of what we brought never made it out of the plastic tubs we have them in.  They held things we just didn’t need yet.  We’ve also managed to downsize just a tiny bit more.  It’s kind of weird because normally packing means going room by room and is kind of a long process.  Now it’s 2 or 3 hours to get totally packed and ready to go.

Believe me when I say I’m not complaining.  It’s just weird to have so few things to pack.  In fact, it’s nice to know that it’s a relatively small, easily managed task that won’t physically damage either of us.  We have been talking about getting a slightly larger trailer because we think it would be a good idea to buy a scooter as a type of second vehicle at some point.  But, that’s a goal for later on.  Maybe someone will read our blogs and be so impressed that they want to donate those.  🙂  Or maybe not.

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a maj...

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a major landmark on Fripp Island, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I love golf carts!!!!!!!

I like to play golf, but honestly my favorite part of golf is the golf cart.  Imagine my joy when I found out that a golf cart comes with our rental on Fripp Island.  There are cars, obviously.  But the golf cart is the preferred method of transportation on the island.

There is even a golf cart service center located on the island.  I’m not sure why I love it so much.  But Daisy, my dog, and I love to jump in the cart on a sunny day and hit the open road topping out at speeds near 20 mph.

The speed limit ranges from 15 to 25mph so there’s also little fear of being run over by a car.  Plus, there’s no gas to pay for.

Golf carts

Golf carts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Golf carts galore!!!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/660/78490410/files/2015/01/img_2443.jpg If you stay here on Fripp Island you’ll find that golf carts are one of the main modes of transportation. If your house doesn’t come with one or you need more than one, no worries. You can rent them on the island.

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