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Last Day in Gulfport

Well, we’ve made it to our last full day in Gulfport for a while.  I’m sure we’ll be back.

So, today we will be closing up any loose ends and packing.  We need to leave here pretty early in the morning because we’ve got a long drive to our next house.

We like to have the houses a little closer to each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work out.  Oh well, if that’s the least of our problems we’re doing pretty good.

We got in a last minute Fedex delivery this morning that had a new travel setup for the dogs.  There is a net that goes across the back of the front seats to keep them in the back.  Daisy somehow believes that she should not be relegated to the back seat.  We also got an inflatable space filler that goes in the back floor board and creates an almost level area.  Last, but not least is a seat cover in the rear.

Hopefully all of these additions will make a more peaceful drive to our next stay.  Not that the dogs have been bad.  They’ve actually become accustomed to the travel pretty quickly.  But these things will definitely make the trips a little less annoying.

Here’s a Youtube video with the brand names and setup:


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We are not traveling alone

When Jodi and I sold our house and everything else to start a new way of life, I assumed that we may not be the only ones.  Now, thanks to the wonder of social media, I know we’re not.

Evidently there are others who have done the same, or at least similar thing to us.  We all seem to have slightly different paths and circumstances, but the basic premise is the same.  I’ve found the most common ground on Twitter.  Probably because it’s more open than Facebook.

Of course, I haven’t really spent much time searching for others.  Not because I’m self centered, although I probably am in certain ways.  Rather, I just haven’t had time to search because we’ve had a lot to learn and get accustomed to.  It’s been a much easier transition than I thought it would be, but it’s a journey.

Think about it for a minute.  Most of us grow up learning that the point to life is the job, the family, the house, the car, suburbs, etc.  So, we spend all of our time setting a course for that destination and seeing no other paths.  I wonder now how many adventures that God had in store that I missed because I was looking at my own plan.  I’ll stop here to admit that a lot of the time my plan has been more of an outline with missing spaces.  But, it was a general outline regardless.  I’ve never been a good planner.

Regardless, I find it cool and very interesting to find other people who are doing life differently as well.


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Video of our vacation rental in Perdido Key

Here’s a short video of our latest vacation rental in Perdido Key.  It’s a 3 bedroom trailer that is very clean, well decorated and comfortable.  We really like the screened in front porch.

We’ll be here for a week until we move to the next place that is nearby.  We’ve got a lot to do here since this area will be our new permanent address.  Drivers licenses, plates, etc.


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Holiday Marina Harbor

It’s been a few days since our last post.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind since we got here to Acworth, GA.  We’re staying in a small cabin on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia at a place called Holiday Marina Harbor.  It’s kind of nice back here.  Quiet and nobody has knocked on the door to let us know of all the rules we’re breaking.  It’s not a 5 star resort back here, but it’s clean, comfortable and peaceful.  The rear of the cabin overlooks Lake Allatoona.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been outside much.  The weather has turned very cold, so staying inside is a much better experience.  Jodi has had the time and convenient location to see several of her customers and I’ve been busy getting things ready for the next trip down to Florida.  Part of that preparation included four new tires on the jeep.  I would have rather not spent that money, but we have been saving for auto related repairs in the budget.  So all is well.

We’re ready to find some warmer weather for a while.  But, I’m sure we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity soon enough.  We’ve also dumped a few things from our load that we found we didn’t need with us.  I made the trip to our storage unit that is nearby today to put those items on standby for now.  Maybe we’ll need them later.  If not they’ll probably be donated at some point in the future.

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain ...

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain State Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One last dance with Fripp Island security

It is Thursday night and we’ll be leaving Fripp Island bright and early on Saturday morning.  Yesterday evening we stopped on our way back to the house and picked up our trailer from the lot we parked it in.  If you read our earlier posts, you’ll remember that on our first night on Fripp security came to tell us that we can’t park our trailer at the house, but there just happens to be a construction office on the island where you can pay to park it.  Very convenient.

So earlier today I saw an older man stop his car in front of our house and was on the phone while looking toward our Jeep and trailer.  I told Jodi about him and told that I bet it wouldn’t be long before security knocked on the door.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of Fripp’s finest came knocking.  Oddly enough, it was the same guy as the first night.  He informed me that we can’t park the trailer here.  I let him know that we have it here to pack so we can leave early on Saturday.

You might think that he responded by saying, “Oh, ok.  Well have a good night and thanks for visiting Fripp Island.”  You thought wrong!

When I told him that we have the trailer here to pack so we can leave Saturday morning, his response was, and I quote “It’s only Thursday.”  WHAT!!!!!  

I was able to keep my calm and let him know that the trailer is here to be packed, we’re leaving Saturday and the trailer is staying.  He left and we are back to counting the hours.  Common sense is severely lacking on some parts of this island.  Jodi was kind enough to make a large sign to hang on the trailer letting all know that we’ll be leaving soon, so stop calling the cops about a little box trailer. Fripp Island Trailer sign

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Miles of walking space on Fripp Island

Weather permitting, there is a lot of space for walking, dog walking, running and biking on Fripp Island in South Carolina.

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Another deer video on Fripp Island

More deer video on Fripp Island.  Boring, but I can’t help it.

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Time to pack and go!

It’s time to pack and go, sort of.  Actually, we’re very ready to get back on the road to our next destination.  We started to begin packing up today and then we realized we don’t really have much to pack.  I’ll need to get our trailer from the storage lot on Fripp Island and pack up a little in the house, but then we’re done.  More than anything, we’re just ready to go again and see what’s next.  We’re also happy that the next stop will be a little less remote.

Some of what we brought never made it out of the plastic tubs we have them in.  They held things we just didn’t need yet.  We’ve also managed to downsize just a tiny bit more.  It’s kind of weird because normally packing means going room by room and is kind of a long process.  Now it’s 2 or 3 hours to get totally packed and ready to go.

Believe me when I say I’m not complaining.  It’s just weird to have so few things to pack.  In fact, it’s nice to know that it’s a relatively small, easily managed task that won’t physically damage either of us.  We have been talking about getting a slightly larger trailer because we think it would be a good idea to buy a scooter as a type of second vehicle at some point.  But, that’s a goal for later on.  Maybe someone will read our blogs and be so impressed that they want to donate those.  🙂  Or maybe not.

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a maj...

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a major landmark on Fripp Island, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The power of possessions

As we’ve spent the last 2 to 3 months living in this first vacation rental on Fripp Island, we’ve thought a lot about the massive  life change that we’ve made.  We’ve made a few small adjustments to our lifestyle.  But, nothing major.  The major part was selling our house and almost everything that was in it.

When we were going through that process there was a lot of anxiety.  Thoughts of are we going to need that again, I hate to get rid of this, how much has to go, etc.  It was a harder process than either of us imagined.  Prior to that, we would have both said that we weren’t connected to ‘stuff’.  We were wrong and it was hard to sell or give it all away.  I’m a little ashamed to say that it was painful.  I don’t want to be reliant on ‘stuff’, I want to be reliant on God.

But, as we did, you also can break the power of possessions.  You can be free from the stronghold of stuff.  I would like to tell you exactly how to do it, but I won’t other than to say that you just have to start.  There are ton’s of spots on the inter webs to get step, tips and tricks on how to de-clutter your life.  I highly recommend that you do it.

It’s an exercise in freedom that I didn’t know we needed until we did it.  You’ll find that you can live on less and with less than you ever imagined.  And you can live comfortably while doing it.  Life is about living.  Not gathering things.

English: A trunk used by immigrants from Swede...

English: A trunk used by immigrants from Sweden to carry their possessions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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We are Fripp Island short timers!

It’s almost time for us to move on to new views.  We’ve been on Fripp Island, South Carolina since the first part of December and it’s time to move in just a week.  We’ve enjoyed our time here, but we’re ready to move on and experience whatever God has in store for us next.

We’re also ready to see the sun on a more regular basis.  Sunny days have been hit and miss here on Fripp during these winter months.  Neither of us do particularly well with long stretches of gray.

I keep worrying that we won’t be able to fit our things back into our little trailer.  Jodi keeps reminding me that we have in fact minimized our stuff even more since we’ve been here.  She’s right and I keep forgetting that.

I do wish that were allowed to have our little box trailer here at the house so that I could get unused things packed up.  Unfortunately, we’re only allowed to have it at the house for 24 hours at a time.  Or maybe 48 hours.  I can’t remember for sure now.

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