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Pensacola Beach

Almost every morning, I take Daisy to our little beach on the sound. She loves to sniff and explore. Usually she finds something stinky to snag and run with or to roll her head around in. Yuck! But, she loves it and it is absolutely gorgeous. Today, I finally remembered to take some pictures.

We should be landing in DFW in about an hour to celebrate our Granddaughter’s first birthday. But, Brodie’s knee has not healed enough to bend so we can’t get on a plane. So, we’re “stuck” in paradise.

The water is beautiful shades of blue and turquoise.

Somebody is a photo hog!

She just found a dead crab. Yuck!

A view across the sound toward Gulf Breeze.

These flowers are all over the beach. They look like some kind of ground cover Clematis.


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Finding the Secret Beaches

Like most people, we figured that we couldn’t or wouldn’t be willing to pay the price for a beach house. But, if you are flexible with dates and willing to stay in the less known beach towns, most everyone can find a home to fit their needs and budget.

This is a beautiful 3000 sq ft home right on Treasure Beach in Port Saint Joe, FL. This home rents for around $2000 a month December-mid March. Is that high season in the Florida Panhandle? Nope! That’s why you come here during that time. No crowds, cool temps, plenty of sun, and your dogs can run and play on the beach.

This same home rents for about $2500 a WEEK during high season. What?!? NO!

This is such a peaceful time of year to be here. The Christmas celebrations are fun and the locals are very friendly! We are 15 minutes to Apalachicola to the East, 10 minutes to Port Saint Joe to the West, and an hour to Panama City. There is no shortage of events from boat parades to Christmas Tree lightings and downtown parades.

Oh, you only stay in condos so that you have a pool and the beach? Well, lookie here! Many of these beach homes have heated pools and hot tubs, too. Yes, this is the same home that rents for $2000 a month during the winter.

I believe we will return again next year! Who’s coming to see us for Christmas or New Year’s? Make your plans now because the house only sleeps 12.


P.S.   I am writing this post with the doors open, Christmas lights on (yes, we have a Christmas Tree), and listening to the sound of crashing waves. Merry Christmas to me!

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Attack of the biting flies

As of yesterday some type of biting flies have moved into the neighborhood.  Jodi and I tried to walk the dogs on the beach yesterday and didn’t get far before we had to turn around and head home.  We were all getting swarmed and bitten by some type of flies.

I went back out this morning to walk Daisy along the beach.  We made it about 3/4 of a mile down when I started noticing the flies again.  At first there were just a few and then they started swarming.  Obviously, or in todays vernacular: tots obvs, we turned around and headed back to the house.  Unfortunately, the flies were faster then me and they were piling up on my back by the time we got to the screened in deck.

So far we haven’t been able to find much info about why they’re swarming now, what to do about them, etc.  Hopefully they’ll just blow away before long.



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Here We Be

  We are now at the beach in Port Saint Joe, Florida. The weather is great. The beach is wonderful. The view is priceless. The speed is SLOW!

Have you ever wanted to live in the country and have a view of the ocean? Well, I think I’ve found the place for you. It’s about 10 minutes into our little country town on the Gulf. 

 This is our country grocery that is very clean and well stocked. The employees are good, kind, country folks that are eager to chat.

  Yes, time has stopped. When is the last time you saw Mrs. Pack Man and Galaga in your local grocery store?

Speaking of time… 

 We have no freakin’ clue what time it is! We are technically in Eastern Time Zone but, our phones get service from a tower in Central Time Zone. So, the time on our phones is different that our home clocks. The two closest “big” towns are Apalachicola and Panama City. One is EST and one is CST. How will I keep my calendar straight for meetings? This could get interesting.
We’re here for two months so I’m sure we’ll get accustomed to this new way of life. Always interesting…


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Last Day in Gulfshores

Today is our last day in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We’ve only been here for a week and it’s been a good one.  We came here because Jodi had a work conference at the Beach Club which is right next door to our house.

Since we were staying here such a short time, we didn’t unload the trailer.  We only took out what we needed for a weeks stay.  That will make it very easy to pack and go in the morning.

We’ll have a long drive back to our next house in Florida but we’ve decided to drive straight through rather than stay overnight somewhere.  We stayed overnight in a hotel on the way here, but with our dogs it was a little more stressful than we liked.

I’m happy to say that we would definitely stay in this house again.  It’s off the beaten path and has been very peaceful.

Well, that’s it for now.  It’s still too early for me to have more words than this.


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The Cost of a Gypsy Lifestyle


Many of you have asked us about the actual cost of living like we do. Or maybe not asked but made comments about how we could never afford to do this for a long period of time. Well, here’s the dirt:

We save a lot of money by living like this. Of course, we can only compare it to how much we were paying for the last 10 years of owning a home in the Metro Atlanta area. So, some of you may not think that this is a very econimical way of living. 

We budget $2000 a month for rentals. Keep in mind that this amount includes ALL utilities:

Electricity, Gas, Water, Property Tax, HOA Fees, Trash pick-up, wifi access, lawn care, maintenance, cleaning services, Cable or Satelite, pool care (where applicable), Beach Access and parking (sometimes). 

When staying in planned communities the fee will also cover pool, tennis, golf, and/or fitness center access. A couple of homes have even included golf carts.

Do all of our rentals cost $2000 a month? No.

For instance, our big house in Orlando was $3200 for the month. But, our next 2 houses are only $1400/month and $1100/month. So, it should all work out to average $2000 a month for the year.

This budget allows us to save more and give more. I LOVE that we have so much more money to give.

My job no longer owns me. Our house no longer owns us or our time. 


Feel free to ask any questions about our lifestyle. There are no secrets, here.


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My favorite Gulfport area

Other than a few of the hole in the wall places we’ve found, my favorite area in Gulfport is around the Hard Rock Casino.  The casino itself doesn’t interest me.

But, the area surrounding it is very nice.  Probably because it’s renovated and geared toward vacationers.  This area is updated and well maintained.  There are several restaurants of various price levels.  There is also a mall along with other stores and a Walmart.  After all, no place is complete without a Walmart, :).

There’s also a lot of beach space if that’s your thing.  From what we can tell, you can rent a vacation home in the area for a good price if you don’t mind not being right in the heart of the vacation to do areas.

There are several areas that have not made a full recovery after hurricane Katrina.  But, it appears to be slowly coming back.


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Time for an overdue update

Ok, I now need to admit that I have sucked recently at keeping this blog updated.  We’re still living the nomadic lifestyle.  There just hasn’t been much to say.

As of today we are officially Floridians.  I highly suggest making an appointment with the DMV for licenses and plates. It’s much easier that way.  Jodi got the appointment made and we went this morning and were out in less than an our with everything done.

We do have to wait a few more days to get vehicle plates.  Last weekend we decided after much debate that the Jeep Wrangler was not cutting it as a travel vehicle.  It’s a soft top and lacking some room.  So, we drove quite a ways to the nearest Carmax and traded it in.  That being said, the electronic paperwork had not made it into the DMV system yet.

The house we’re in is very comfortable.  We can tell it’s a fixer upper that is not completely fixer upd yet.  But, the interior finishes are nice and comfortable.  One of the downsides of this place is its location.  It’s outside of town on a highway.  So there are no walking areas and no where to walk to if you could.  But, on the positive side it has a very large yard, so getting the dogs a workout is easy.  P.S. the old portly beagle doesn’t really work out so much as find different sections of real estate to occupy.

Ok, that should bring everyone up to speed.  I’m going to do my best to get back on our regular blog schedule because I know that all of you hang on my every word.

Later Dudes.


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Pensacola Dog Beach

It’s a beautiful day in Pensacola, Florida so we decided to take the dogs to a dog beach.  Or at least a section of the beach that was designated for dogs.

We found what we were looking for, but it wasn’t the optimal place for dogs.  It was a very small section of the beach that was for dogs.  There were several people and dogs in the small space.  Unfortunately, the meaning of dog beach was different for several of the visitors.  About half of the people were there playing with their dogs.  Letting them run in the sand and water, etc.  Cool.

But, there were an equal number of people that took ‘dog beach’ to mean that it was for people, but you could bring a dog along and make them lay by you in the sand on a leash.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t found many younger dogs that are into getting a tan.  Most want to run.  As they should.

So, the dynamic at the dog beach seemed to be playing dogs that were driving the tied up dogs nuts and annoying the owners of said tied up dogs.  Oh well, we’ll try again on another day.  A sunny Sunday afternoon was probably not the best time to try out the dog beach.  It may be a better option during the week.

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Video of our vacation rental in Perdido Key

Here’s a short video of our latest vacation rental in Perdido Key.  It’s a 3 bedroom trailer that is very clean, well decorated and comfortable.  We really like the screened in front porch.

We’ll be here for a week until we move to the next place that is nearby.  We’ve got a lot to do here since this area will be our new permanent address.  Drivers licenses, plates, etc.


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