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Wonderful Failure

Well, we failed! Our goal was to make it to The Grand Canyon and we only made it as far as Santa Fe, NM. We were just having too much fun and spending too much time at the fun stops along the way. Plus, our journey started in Central Florida so, we had to drive quite a distance just to reach Route 66 in Oklahoma City.

We didn’t have a travel schedule for a reason. I sure didn’t want to be gone for 15 days and return absolutely exhausted and feeling like we all we did was drive.

Mission accomplished! We meandered off and on Route 66, saw some fun sites, ate amazing food, and had an overall fun and relaxing trip. We will cover Arizona and Colorado on the next trip. 

We are currently making our way back east to Alabama. Since I don’t have fun vacation pics to show on our trip back, I figured I would share the goofy Daisy Mae. She sure is a good traveler and she absolutely loves the Motorhome.

Oh, and we are headed to our next “first” adventure in Alabama. More on that next week…


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Rattlesnake Saloon 

If your are ever close to the Tuscumbia/ Muscle Shoals/Florence, Alabama area, you MUST visit Rattlesnake Saloon! They have seasonal hours so make sure to check their website for hours of operation.


Last weekend there were over 400 horses here at Seven Springs Lodge. The American Trail Ride Association brought a huge group to town. In May, you can check out the 2016 Chuck Wagon Races. Take a look at their event calendar.

Have you ever been to a restaurant/bar under a giant rock? Yep, it was a first for us, too. But, yeehaw! It sure was fun!! We give it 5 stars and a MUST SEE!


We had a fun group tonight. My mom and dad, our daughter, and the owners of our current rental, and their son all went to dinner with us.

Here’s a fun family photo:  

Kelsey captured these beautiful pictures before sunset.  

What a beautiful night!


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Where we’ve been and where we’re going:

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated our travel map. I had to switch to dots because the stars were too big.

The red dots show where we’ve been and the green show future confirmed locations through August 2016.

Fripp Island, SC

Acworth, GA

Perdito Key, FL

Perdito, FL

Gulfport, MS

The Villages, FL

Gulf Shores, AL

The Villages, FL

Hot Springs Village, AR

Harker Heights, TX

Port Charlotte, FL

Port Saint Joe, FL

Augusta, GA

Tuscumbia, AL

Future Cities:

Acworth, GA

Ocean Springs, MS

Waco, TX

The Villages, FL

Whew! That list is getting long!


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Finding History

One thing we love about living in different places is discovering America’s history. Walking the dogs helps us get up close to the historic markers and really inspect the buildings and pathways.  

Today’s walk took us past the birthplace of Helen Keller.  Ivy Green is not open for tours on Sundays but we were able to walk around the property.

We’ve all read about Ivy Green in History class but it is surprisingly exactly what I had pictured.  

We also stumbled upon the first railroad west of the Alleghenies.

So, here we are in little ole Tuscumbia, AL. When we tell people where we’re staying they say “where?”. Yep, we said the same thing before we got here.

Get out there and go to some new cities that you’ve never explored. You might be surprised at what you find.


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Cane Creek Canyon Preserve

Take a walk with us at Cane Creek Canyon Preserve in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

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Great Hike in Muscle Shoals

The weather has warmed up a little here in Alabama and the sun is out again.  I love to hike and it looks like we’ll have plenty of opportunities here in the Tuscumbia, Alabama area.

We took the dogs and drove over to Muscle Shoals this morning to a nature preserve.  It had both improved and natural trails.  We mostly stayed on the improved trails because boogie was with us in his cart.  It can be difficult to go offroading with a beagle in a dog stroller.

I used the Alltrails app to find the hiking areas around us.  We did a 3 mile loop in close to perfect weather.  We’ll hopefully be able to go back and try some of the other trails before the month is over.


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All Good in Alabama

Since our last update we are in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  It was a fairly uneventful drive from Augusta, so there really isn’t anything to write about.

We did the usual and got everything moved in within a couple of hours.  We’ve gotten pretty good by now at packing and unpacking.  We’ve also gotten better at prioritizing what to do when.

Anyways, we’re in the new house and we like it.  It’s an older, but comfortable, house the sits on the Tennessee River.  It’s cool to sit on the couch and look up to see a giant barge going by your back yard.

In this particular house we have moved back to a more rural setting.  Jodi and I have talked a lot about the benefits of splitting our time between rural, urban and in between.  We like parts of each, so there has been no perfect place.  Yet.

If you’ve been counting, this is house #17.

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Last Day in Gulfshores

Today is our last day in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We’ve only been here for a week and it’s been a good one.  We came here because Jodi had a work conference at the Beach Club which is right next door to our house.

Since we were staying here such a short time, we didn’t unload the trailer.  We only took out what we needed for a weeks stay.  That will make it very easy to pack and go in the morning.

We’ll have a long drive back to our next house in Florida but we’ve decided to drive straight through rather than stay overnight somewhere.  We stayed overnight in a hotel on the way here, but with our dogs it was a little more stressful than we liked.

I’m happy to say that we would definitely stay in this house again.  It’s off the beaten path and has been very peaceful.

Well, that’s it for now.  It’s still too early for me to have more words than this.


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Birds Eye View

 Here’s the birds eye view of the Gulf Shores Alabama area where we’re currently living.  

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Next Stop: Gulf Shores Alabama

Well, we left Davenport Florida on Saturday and made it to a dog friendly hotel in Tallahassee for an overnight stay.  We then completed the drive to Gulf Shores.

Jodi found us a really nice house here for less money than the one in Davenport.  We stay in some nicer houses along with some more basic houses.  Doing it this way helps us stay within our budget.

This house in Gulf Shores is right next to The Beach Club.  We’re not really within walking distance to anything here, but it’s a good change of pace to go from the Orlando area to a quieter, out of the way location.

We’re only here for about a week, so we packed the trailer accordingly and left out what we needed in the car or the very back of the trailer.

If you are familiar with Gulf Shores, what’s your favorite thing to do or restaurant?

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