Amazing Sunsets this week

The sunsets here in The Villages have been amazing this past week.  Here’s a short video of one evening.

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No Fireworks in the Villages

Jodi and I were talking to some full time residents of the Villages today and learned that they don’t do any fireworks show here.  That seemed kind of odd at first in a place that has so many activities.

I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, but I would be guessing at best.  Jodi and I are not upset about it.  No fireworks means we don’t have to deal with freaked out dogs.  I have PTSD, but fireworks outside don’t seem to bother me.



Fireworks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Ugly storm clouds 


I took Daisy out for a walk this morning in The Villages, Florida. This a picture of the sky that greeted us. 

We still managed to get a half mile in before the wind said “go home”. 


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Miles of walking space at the Villages

I’m not exactly sure how many miles of sidewalks there are in the villages, but it’s a bunch.  If you happened to be here when you can stand the heat, I think you could take a different path everyday for a month before you had a repeat trip.  Unless you’re a marathon runner and then you’d probably finish them all in a couple of days.  If that’s the case, then yay for you.  I’ll catch up later.

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Our Village Square

There are several village squares within the Villages. 

It’s basically divided up into small neighborhoods. This is ours.  


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Golf Carting to McAlisters

Scène from the Police Academy Stunt Show

Scène from the Police Academy Stunt Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far, one of my favorite parts of staying in The Villages are the golf carts.  Each individual village also has a town square kind of place.  You’ll find various restaurants and stores in each village.

So today we took the cart and headed to our town square for lunch at McAlisters Deli and a brief stop at Publix.  There are several stores for various shopping wants in each town square.  We don’t buy much if we don’t need it, so we haven’t been into any of those yet.  Maybe we’ll get bored and go look at what we don’t want to buy.


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Racing the Rainbow Rocket in the Villages

When we got here at the Villages one of our first orders of business was to find a golf cart.  The ‘official’ cart rental place was way too expensive and all of the carts have governors on them.  FYI, governors keep the speed down.  Not fun.

We wanted to spend way less and wanted no governor.  Jodi and I have the need for speed.  So the gas powered rainbow colored rocket we rented elsewhere has no governor.

Under the right conditions we can hit speeds a little over 30mph.  That doesn’t sound like much until your going around a sharp curve and straight into a tunnel.  The cart is a little top heavy, so we have to lean into the turn to keep all the tires on the asphalt.  It definitely works better with two of us on board.

P.S. Having a golf cart here is another one of those, “learn as we go” things.  Neither of us did research on what a golf cart rental would cost, so we weren’t concerned about renting a house that didn’t come with one.  In the future we’ll try to find a rental that comes with a cart.

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart....

English: A picture of a Club Car 84 golf cart. Italiano: Foto di una golf cart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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We got our golf cart today

After much debate Jodi and I decided to go ahead and get a golf cart for the duration of our stay in the Villages.  We checked and double checked prices and found that the lady Jodi had spoken with originally was the best deal.

We weren’t sure about getting a cart from someone’s house.  So we decided to just go there and see if it seemed legitimate or not.  I’m happy to say that it did indeed look legit.  The lady that rents them had about 4 carts on hand.  Plus, she was more than 50% less on the price.

We first stopped at the ‘official’ golf cart store at the Villages.  While the carts were nice, they wouldn’t budge on the price even a little.  It was just too much money.  They were asking $963.00 for one month.  Yes, that is an insane amount of money for a golf cart.  Their carts also have governors installed that limit the speed.  The carts at the small business have no governors.  I was hitting speeds of 25mph in the right wind.

Golf carts

Golf carts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The small business that we rented from was instead $500.00 for 6 weeks.  That’s a huge difference.

Let me say quickly that the golf cart is not a necessity to stay at the villages.  But, it does make it a lot easier and convenient.  The whole community is designed to accommodate golf carts as a major mode of transportation.

From what we’ve seen in our short time here so far is that every place has ample golf cart parking and minimal car parking.  So, there you have it.  We had not budgeted for a golf cart, so we’ll have to do that in the future.  Lesson learned.  We also could’ve tried to find a house to rent that came with a cart.  But again, lessoned learned.

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