New Rug

I love our new rug! Since an RV doesn’t have a doorbell, I figured this was perfect! ūüėĀ

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Declutter with Ebay

Even after selling 90% of what we owned, we still find more stuff that we can get rid of. ¬†Basically we find things that we’ve drug around in our trailer for a year without using. ¬†So why keep hauling it?

As we find those things we either donate them or, if they have more value, we try to sell them on eBay first.

Last week I went through some of my stuff that hasn’t been touched or needed in the last year and listed them for sale on Ebay. ¬†If you’ve never tried Ebay to sell things, it’s really easy.

We’ve sold things on Ebay for several years and it’s easier now than it has ever been. ¬†This latest round of selling I did everything with my phone in just a few minutes. ¬†We didn’t win the lottery, but we made $150 on a few things that were no longer being used. ¬†Not bad for playing on your smart phone.

Now, if we can find that one item to sell for a few million dollars we’ll be set. ¬†Fingers and toes crossed.


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Still remembering how we got here.

How did you get here? What made you decide to live like this? How did you make it happen? How did you know what to do?

These are questions that people are asking me now. You would think that something so crazy would have had a specific thought date and call-to-action date. I’m pretty sure that’s true but I can’t remember them.

Yes, it’s only been one year since we accepted an offer on our home, began selling all of our possessions, and started the search for vacation home rentals. (BTW, how ridiculous does all of that sound?) But, there’s a lot I can’t remember or maybe I just didn’t think it was important or a key decision. 

The most basic answer is that we wanted a change, we were OVER owning a home, and we wanted more control of our time and finances.

The more accurate answer probably lies in the footsteps left in the sand. If you could see them, you’d see that there is only one set because we were carried most of the way to where we are now.

We could not have imagined and orchestrated a more perfect life and living situation than we have had for the past year. This is God, not us.


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It’s been one year!!

One year ago we accepted an offer on our house. I just can’t believe it was a year ago! What were we thinking? I still have no idea how I thought this crazy gypsy lifestyle would work but, we took the leap.

I guess I knew we could make something work but, I just had no clue how much fun this adventure would be. So, this is a blog post to myself, one year ago.

Don’t mourn losing your things. Things is things and they don’t matter! You will forget most of the things you had.

Your box of things (house) is keeping you from having a lot of fun!

Cash is better than your property “investment”. It doesn’t matter what the financial smarty pants people tell you. It’s not their life! It’s yours!

Your dogs will be fine. In fact, they’ll love exploring new yards and meeting new people and animals.

Finding vacation homes will be no problem. You will have the chance to live in homes that you would never dream of owning. Oh, and you don’t have to clean or mow or repair anything.

You will miss events in your home but not the home, itself. The events will now take place in one of your amazing vacation homes in a fabulous location.

You won’t miss your Sleep Number bed. You no longer will miss “my bed”, like you always hear people say. You don’t have a bed to miss. Your body will adjust and about any bed will do just fine.

You don’t need 1/2 of the stuff that you think you MUST keep for your new lifestyle. Priorities change when your possessions must be moved in and out of a new home every month.

You won’t have a favorite place or rental. You will learn to like different aspects of each home and area you live.

You will be able to do more for other people than you’ve ever been able to do in your entire life leading up to this point. Don’t second guess this crazy decision and miss out on being the hands and feet of Jesus to the people who need need it most.


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3 Reasons to avoid carpet in a vacation rental

Jodi and I have stayed in several vacation rentals now.  Some have had hard surface flooring and some carpet.

In the ones with carpet there are always stains of some sort unless the carpet is brand new.  The stains are not always from messy renters.  Sometimes they are from normal foot traffic.

The house we’re currently renting for the month of may has light beige carpet in almost every space. ¬†We’re finding that no matter how hard we try, we’re still need to spot clean the carpet. ¬†These spots are not from dogs having accidents, they’re from normal traffic.

Take today for example. ¬†I walked out, walked back in and didn’t realize that I had stepped in a small amount of mud somewhere. ¬†(Yes it was mud, I tasted it to make sure.) ¬†We travel with a spot bot, so no big deal. ¬†I cleaned it and all is back to normal. ¬†But a normal vacationing family is most likely not traveling with a carpet cleaner.

Hard surface floors are most likely more expensive initially than carpet.  But I would be willing to bet that in the long run they would be cheaper overall and last longer.


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Doctor On Demand: Live MD & Therapy Visits

Jodi and I have both been dealing with some respiratory issues from allergies.  Unfortunately, neither of us could get ahead of the allergens and we both have ended up with respiratory infections.  Since we travel around, a standard family doctor is not something we have anymore.  So we can either go to an ER, a small clinic, or Doctor On Demand: Live MD & Therapy Visits, w/ Board-Certified Physicians and Psychologists on the App Store on iTunes.

Jodi tried it first and then I did yesterday. ¬†It’s a pretty awesome setup. ¬†I downloaded the app. ¬†Created an account and answered some basic medical history questions. ¬†Then I scheduled an appointment on the app. ¬†I scheduled it for 10:30 am. ¬†I had the app open on my iPad on 10:15 am and right on time a doctor came online with a video meeting.

She went through my symptoms, any medical history and finally a diagnosis.  She then prescribed the appropriate medication and they called it into the Walgreens using the location I had given them.

So, within about 1 hour I had met with a doctor and had the meds I needed to get better.  I will definitely go them again when needed.

English: A gray version of an emblem used by i...

English: A gray version of an emblem used by iOS app developers to indicate that something is available for download from the App Store. It has a image of an iPhone and reads “Available on the iPhone – App Store”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

via Doctor On Demand: Live MD & Therapy Visits, w/ Board-Certified Physicians and Psychologists on the App Store on iTunes.

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It’s fun to blog together

As part of our journey Jodi and I decided to blog about it. ¬†Our hope is that we’ll find advertisers at some point. ¬†I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with both of us trying to post on the same blog. ¬†But, it’s actually quite fun. ¬†It’s good for communication as well.

Any husband and wife can tell you that communication is essential to a good marriage. ¬†Sometimes though the two of us just simply forget to say everything that needs to be said. ¬†I think this is largely because we get used to each other. ¬†We don’t mean to stop sharing everything, it just happens.

That’s where i’ve found that blogging together has helped. ¬†For example, on this blog we are both posting. ¬†We also read each others posts. ¬†The other day I gained a much better understanding of how Jodi was feeling by reading her post. ¬†Again, she wasn’t trying to not tell me something. ¬†We just hadn’t talked about it. ¬†But, we did afterwards.

They say that journaling can help a person get their thoughts out and straight.  I would say that a blog like this does the same thing.

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Probably not a 5 star experience


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