Hit and run driver was found!

If you read our blog post from a couple of days ago, you’ll remember that we were rear ended by a hit and run driver.

So here’s an update on that: we got the license plate number of the car as the driver drove up on the sidewalk to get away.  That’s all we needed for the police and our insurance company to track down the driver.

We also had the repair estimate done and it was not bad at all.  Having the hitch ball installed meant that the body of the car was mostly protected as far as we can tell.  We’ll see if any other damage is found when we take the car in for repairs.

Please join us in praying for the other driver.  She shouldn’t have run away, but this will probably be a very stressful situation for her to deal with.


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We found a friendly church today

One of the pitfalls of living a traveling lifestyle is missing our home church.  It can also be difficult to find a church to visit in the places we end up.

Jodi did some web searching this week and found a local church here in Gulfport that is affiliated with the church we came from in Indiana.  We drove by it yesterday and decided to go today since it was Easter Sunday.  I can say that we’re glad we went.  It’s a church called Klein Road Church of God in Gulfport, MS.

It was a very small congregation, but very friendly and the message was great too.  Probably the best part was listening to a lady pray who I can say is the epitome of a prayer warrior.  Her prayer was amazing.  Honestly I would go back just to listen to her pray again.  I can’t adequately explain it, but you just know when someone is praying and they’re very connected to God in that moment.  It was nothing short of inspiring.  We want to pray like her.

We’ll be here in Gulfport for about 3 more weeks, so we’re going to spend each of those coming Sundays at Klein Road.

Happy Easter to all of you.

Brodie and Jodi

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