Back to where we began

  We are back in Georgia. Well, actually we’ve been here since the first of April but we haven’t been blogging much. Honestly, there’s not much to say.

While we’re happy to be back for awhile to see friends and our daughter, it kind of feels like we’re just doing our time until the next adventure.

I’ve been working and traveling, as usual, but it just feels strange to be back. I guess it’s because of being in such a familiar place. For the last 16 months we’ve been living in unfamiliar places, meeting new people, and exploring.

We are staying in a cute little cabin on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, GA. As you can see, the area is beautiful. This is the view from our back deck.  

Daisy has learned a new game. She can drop her ball off the deck and it rolls all the way down the hill into the water. The first time, I let her go get it. Yuck! Won’t do that again.  The difference in the amount of traffic, in the short time we’ve been gone, is astonishing! Maybe it’s just because we’ve been living in more laid back, smaller communities. I’m not sure but I would swear that everyone moved to Georgia as soon as we left.

In 10 days, we head to Ocean Springs, MS. Until then, we have a few more favorite places to eat and some friends to see. I’m sure we’ll have more adventures to share very soon.

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Back in Georgia

We’re back where we started this month.  In Georgia.  In Acworth to be exact.  We’re staying in one of the cabins by Lake Alatoona again.  We spent a week here a little over a year ago.  We’re staying a month this time.

There aren’t many rentals in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, so we’re pretty limited on where we can stay here.  The majority of the rentals that are here are incredibly overpriced in our opinion, and not worth breaking our budget for.

We had to make a Walmart run last night and became extremely aware of the fact that we’re back among the suburban zombies.  Everyplace was busy.  Roads that used to be slow country roads are now mini highways.  Very few people would look at us or speak.  We seem to be invisible here.

On the brighter side, it is nice to be someplace where we know the lay of the land better.    That way, if we have to escape from the zombies at least know the roads.

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The Super Bowl is on and we have a popcorn popper in our awesome vacation home. They knew I was coming!  It’s not just the popper but it’s fully stocked with the movie popcorn kits, including the oil, popcorn, and flavor packs. Oh, and the cute popcorn buckets! Oh, oh, oh, and the Coke shaped glasses for my ice cold Coke!



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Daisy the mouse hunter

We made it to our new home in Augusta, GA yesterday around 5pm. It is a beautiful 1880’s Victorian home very close to downtown with restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

However, it seems there is an issue with mice. Yep! Daisy has been cleaning every corner of this house with her nose, trying to find a mouse since we got here.   

This morning, she finally caught one and ended it’s life quickly. I put a cup over it and yelled for Brodie (who was wearing gloves while moving our belongings into the house) to come and dispose of the dead rodent.

 (This is Daisy, not the dead mouse)

So, he comes in and picks it up. At the same time the alarm on his phone goes off. The tone for his alarm is the Minions making their siren noise “bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo”. HILARIOUS!!!!

So, the mouse was escorted to the outdoor trash can with Minion honors. That’s how we roll, folks!

The exterminator is coming soon but I’m guessing Daisy will have the house fully exterminated before they get here.


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It’s loading day!

We are packing up and loading the trailer again. This is our least favorite part of the gypsy life. But, when you don’t have many belongings, it’s not so bad. Of course, we are currently in a beach house, which means we’re on stilts, which means walking up and down a bunch of stairs. 

I hate stairs! I try really hard to rent homes that are ground level. But, that’s not always possible. 

Our next home is a modernized Victorian in downtown Augusta. 

Only 5 steps to the door. That’s nice! Yes, we still have stairs to the bedroom level but that’s not a problem.

Tomorrow, we point the gypsy mobile to Augusta and head off to our next adventure.


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Boulevard Cafe St. Simons Island

Jodi and I walked a couple of blocks from our house to a small local restaurant this morning for breakfast.  It’s a small place called Boulevard Cafe.  It’s not in the middle of the downtown traffic so it wasn’t busy, but it should have been.

They have a limited menu, but what we had was great.  From what we gathered it’s a husband and wife owned place.  On our way out we ran into the husband and spent 5 or 10 minutes in the parking lot talking.  I’m sure they get a fair amount of vacation traffic, but I think they probably have a lot of regular locals.

If we were going to be here longer, we would definitely go back.  So, if you visit St. Simons Island at some point be sure to stop at the Boulevard Cafe.  You’ll be glad you did.


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Holiday Marina Harbor

It’s been a few days since our last post.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind since we got here to Acworth, GA.  We’re staying in a small cabin on Lake Allatoona in Acworth, Georgia at a place called Holiday Marina Harbor.  It’s kind of nice back here.  Quiet and nobody has knocked on the door to let us know of all the rules we’re breaking.  It’s not a 5 star resort back here, but it’s clean, comfortable and peaceful.  The rear of the cabin overlooks Lake Allatoona.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been outside much.  The weather has turned very cold, so staying inside is a much better experience.  Jodi has had the time and convenient location to see several of her customers and I’ve been busy getting things ready for the next trip down to Florida.  Part of that preparation included four new tires on the jeep.  I would have rather not spent that money, but we have been saving for auto related repairs in the budget.  So all is well.

We’re ready to find some warmer weather for a while.  But, I’m sure we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity soon enough.  We’ve also dumped a few things from our load that we found we didn’t need with us.  I made the trip to our storage unit that is nearby today to put those items on standby for now.  Maybe we’ll need them later.  If not they’ll probably be donated at some point in the future.

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain ...

Lake Allatoona, as seen from Red Top Mountain State Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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