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I lost my pants today

So, today’s our last full day on Fripp Island.  We’ll hook up the the trailer and head to our next stop tomorrow morning.  Today, Jodi has been away and I’ve been packing everything back into the trailer.  I’ve almost got it done, except for a few odds and ends.

So, I decided to call it quits for a little while and finish my laundry and take a shower.  I started the laundry and then jumped in the shower.  What I realized a little too late is that I forgot to leave out any pants.  One pair is in the washer and the rest are outside in the trailer.

I have two options.  One, wait for the laundry to be done.  Two, make a mad underwear dash to the trailer by the street.  Based on the rest of my luck with Fripp Island security, I think the best option to wait out the laundry.  Sigh.


Loon Pants

Loon Pants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One last dance with Fripp Island security

It is Thursday night and we’ll be leaving Fripp Island bright and early on Saturday morning.  Yesterday evening we stopped on our way back to the house and picked up our trailer from the lot we parked it in.  If you read our earlier posts, you’ll remember that on our first night on Fripp security came to tell us that we can’t park our trailer at the house, but there just happens to be a construction office on the island where you can pay to park it.  Very convenient.

So earlier today I saw an older man stop his car in front of our house and was on the phone while looking toward our Jeep and trailer.  I told Jodi about him and told that I bet it wouldn’t be long before security knocked on the door.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of Fripp’s finest came knocking.  Oddly enough, it was the same guy as the first night.  He informed me that we can’t park the trailer here.  I let him know that we have it here to pack so we can leave early on Saturday.

You might think that he responded by saying, “Oh, ok.  Well have a good night and thanks for visiting Fripp Island.”  You thought wrong!

When I told him that we have the trailer here to pack so we can leave Saturday morning, his response was, and I quote “It’s only Thursday.”  WHAT!!!!!  

I was able to keep my calm and let him know that the trailer is here to be packed, we’re leaving Saturday and the trailer is staying.  He left and we are back to counting the hours.  Common sense is severely lacking on some parts of this island.  Jodi was kind enough to make a large sign to hang on the trailer letting all know that we’ll be leaving soon, so stop calling the cops about a little box trailer. Fripp Island Trailer sign

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A drive over Fripp Island Bridge 80’s style!

Come along with me on a drive onto Fripp Island. We’ll rock some 80’s tunes. It will be fun!

CLICK HERE: Bridge to Fripp


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Fripp excursion rentals


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Miles of walking space on Fripp Island

Weather permitting, there is a lot of space for walking, dog walking, running and biking on Fripp Island in South Carolina.

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Another deer video on Fripp Island

More deer video on Fripp Island.  Boring, but I can’t help it.

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Time to pack and go!

It’s time to pack and go, sort of.  Actually, we’re very ready to get back on the road to our next destination.  We started to begin packing up today and then we realized we don’t really have much to pack.  I’ll need to get our trailer from the storage lot on Fripp Island and pack up a little in the house, but then we’re done.  More than anything, we’re just ready to go again and see what’s next.  We’re also happy that the next stop will be a little less remote.

Some of what we brought never made it out of the plastic tubs we have them in.  They held things we just didn’t need yet.  We’ve also managed to downsize just a tiny bit more.  It’s kind of weird because normally packing means going room by room and is kind of a long process.  Now it’s 2 or 3 hours to get totally packed and ready to go.

Believe me when I say I’m not complaining.  It’s just weird to have so few things to pack.  In fact, it’s nice to know that it’s a relatively small, easily managed task that won’t physically damage either of us.  We have been talking about getting a slightly larger trailer because we think it would be a good idea to buy a scooter as a type of second vehicle at some point.  But, that’s a goal for later on.  Maybe someone will read our blogs and be so impressed that they want to donate those.  🙂  Or maybe not.

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a maj...

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a major landmark on Fripp Island, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Don’t be afraid to turn

Jodi and I were headed back from the post office today when she decided to turn onto a road we hadn’t been down yet.  At first we thought it was just another boring road until we found the old remains of a church on St. Helena Island.  We decided to stop and look around.

It was an amazing find!  If Jodi hadn’t decided to take a new road and do some exploring we probably wouldn’t have ever known about the place.  According to the historic sign the church was built in 1740.  1740!  I love finding these kind of things.  We both do.  The church walls remained along with several grave markers and an old tomb.  There were also live oaks that were incredible.  I can’t post all of the pics here but I’m slowly uploading them to our Instagram account at .  I’m sure Jodi will read this soon, so thank you for turning today! 🙂2015-02-09 16.04.58-1

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Hunting Island marsh walk


We took the dogs for a walk on the boardwalk into the marsh on Hunting Island today. Beautiful views.

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We are Fripp Island short timers!

It’s almost time for us to move on to new views.  We’ve been on Fripp Island, South Carolina since the first part of December and it’s time to move in just a week.  We’ve enjoyed our time here, but we’re ready to move on and experience whatever God has in store for us next.

We’re also ready to see the sun on a more regular basis.  Sunny days have been hit and miss here on Fripp during these winter months.  Neither of us do particularly well with long stretches of gray.

I keep worrying that we won’t be able to fit our things back into our little trailer.  Jodi keeps reminding me that we have in fact minimized our stuff even more since we’ve been here.  She’s right and I keep forgetting that.

I do wish that were allowed to have our little box trailer here at the house so that I could get unused things packed up.  Unfortunately, we’re only allowed to have it at the house for 24 hours at a time.  Or maybe 48 hours.  I can’t remember for sure now.

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