Locked out of the RV

Last night took a very unexpected adventurous turn at about 11:30pm.  Jodi and I were ready for bed, but we decided to take the dogs out one last time.  We were out for about 5 minutes when Jodi called to me and said “the door is locked”. Oh……No…….

Sure enough, the door had somehow locked behind us.  First time this has happened.  We tried for several minutes to use a tool to pop the lock to no avail.  We have a second set of keys for the RV, but they were locked in the Jeep.  Not good.

I must admit here that I was not handling this situation well.  The day had already not gone as smoothly as I tried to make it.  Locking ourselves out late at night was bad icing on a really bad cake to me.

I had luckily brought my phone out with me.  Jodi looked up a local locksmith and within about 15minutes he and his wife were on the scene to help.  This is where the story gets insane.

The locksmith tried to get into the RV, but couldn’t.  We had heard and he confirmed that these doors are very difficult to get into.  We then had him go with plan B.  Unlock the Jeep and we’ll get the spare keys from there.  Only hurdle we had was that once he unlocked the door the car alarm would start screaming and here we are in a tightly packed park.  I got tools to start disconnecting the battery while the locksmith unlocked the Jeep, but before I could get the battery disconnected, he opened the door.

We were off to the races!  We get the keys and are trying to get the RV unlocked, which is not cooperating for some reason.  Because of the screaming alarm, our two dogs are going nuts.  Jodi couldn’t keep her hold on them without leashes.  Then a guy and his wife that evidently live here permanently in a very small RV across the street come over yelling for us to shut the alarm off.  Jodi and I both are trying to explain that we’re working on it while at the same time control our dogs that are loosing it.  The two angry RV dwellers continue to berate and threaten us with calls to the police, the park owner, the president, congress, while we try to grab our dogs and get into the RV to get the key to go the Jeep to shut off the alarm.  This is the best I can do to get the whole crazy thing into words.

The good news is that we got in, got the car alarm off and we both slept soundly after I was able to calm down.

Footnote: the angry neighbor must have left for work or somewhere about 6:30 this morning because he laid on the horn in his truck for a couple of minutes before leaving.  Guess he wanted to make sure we knew what his horn sounded like too.


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What would you like to know?

We’ve been talking lately about our blog and the fact that we need to post more.  Here’s the problem, what do we write about?

We’ve been living in vacation homes and moving once a month for over a year now and the whole process has just become routine to us.  We’re still learning all of the time, but we don’t think about what someone would want to know about our lifestyle.

So, we have a favor to ask.  What would you like to know?  What are you curious about or what doesn’t make sense?  When we started living this way, it was all guess work.  We have made many adjustments along the way to get to where we are now and we really want to share our ideas and discoveries with others.  IMG_0121


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Lunch with Strangers

Jodi and I went downtown Port St. Joe today to have lunch at a small cafe named Sisters Restaurant today.  It’s good and the crowd shows it.  There was a line when we arrived that continued to grow after we got there.

Jodi and I got lucky and a table was open in just a few minutes.  Bad thing was it was a table for four and it was the only table until more people left.

Instead of sitting at a big table by ourselves while other’s stood, we asked the next couple in line if they wanted to join us.  They did and it made for a fun time.  We almost always like talking to and learning about new people.  Plus, the food did not disappoint.

If you’re ever in Port St. Joe, go to Sisters and find some new people to learn about.

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We got our golf cart today

After much debate Jodi and I decided to go ahead and get a golf cart for the duration of our stay in the Villages.  We checked and double checked prices and found that the lady Jodi had spoken with originally was the best deal.

We weren’t sure about getting a cart from someone’s house.  So we decided to just go there and see if it seemed legitimate or not.  I’m happy to say that it did indeed look legit.  The lady that rents them had about 4 carts on hand.  Plus, she was more than 50% less on the price.

We first stopped at the ‘official’ golf cart store at the Villages.  While the carts were nice, they wouldn’t budge on the price even a little.  It was just too much money.  They were asking $963.00 for one month.  Yes, that is an insane amount of money for a golf cart.  Their carts also have governors installed that limit the speed.  The carts at the small business have no governors.  I was hitting speeds of 25mph in the right wind.

Golf carts

Golf carts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The small business that we rented from was instead $500.00 for 6 weeks.  That’s a huge difference.

Let me say quickly that the golf cart is not a necessity to stay at the villages.  But, it does make it a lot easier and convenient.  The whole community is designed to accommodate golf carts as a major mode of transportation.

From what we’ve seen in our short time here so far is that every place has ample golf cart parking and minimal car parking.  So, there you have it.  We had not budgeted for a golf cart, so we’ll have to do that in the future.  Lesson learned.  We also could’ve tried to find a house to rent that came with a cart.  But again, lessoned learned.

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I’ll Miss This House

We’re down to just a couple of days left here in Davenport, Florida.  I have to say that I’ll kind of miss this house.  There are obviously some draw backs to living in such a packed subdivision.  But, overall it’s been a fun and peaceful stay.

The neighbors here have all been friendly.  We actually haven’t seen much of them, but when we have it’s been a good exchange.  There have been a few oddities here, but none that would cause me to not want to return.  It doesn’t make me sad to go, because the only place that I haven’t really enjoyed was our first stay on Fripp Island in South Carolina.

Part of our issues with Fripp were probably weather and house condition related more than anything else.

Even though we’ll miss this house and area, I wouldn’t buy this house for several reasons.  First, it’s just too big.  We don’t need this much space.  Second, the houses are packed very close together.  I’m not sure where the property lines are, but I think that I end up on my neighbors property every time I walk between the houses.

Anyways, that’s it for now.  Stay tuned for the next update from somewhere in the south eastern United States.


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We are not traveling alone

When Jodi and I sold our house and everything else to start a new way of life, I assumed that we may not be the only ones.  Now, thanks to the wonder of social media, I know we’re not.

Evidently there are others who have done the same, or at least similar thing to us.  We all seem to have slightly different paths and circumstances, but the basic premise is the same.  I’ve found the most common ground on Twitter.  Probably because it’s more open than Facebook.

Of course, I haven’t really spent much time searching for others.  Not because I’m self centered, although I probably am in certain ways.  Rather, I just haven’t had time to search because we’ve had a lot to learn and get accustomed to.  It’s been a much easier transition than I thought it would be, but it’s a journey.

Think about it for a minute.  Most of us grow up learning that the point to life is the job, the family, the house, the car, suburbs, etc.  So, we spend all of our time setting a course for that destination and seeing no other paths.  I wonder now how many adventures that God had in store that I missed because I was looking at my own plan.  I’ll stop here to admit that a lot of the time my plan has been more of an outline with missing spaces.  But, it was a general outline regardless.  I’ve never been a good planner.

Regardless, I find it cool and very interesting to find other people who are doing life differently as well.


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We found a friendly church today

One of the pitfalls of living a traveling lifestyle is missing our home church.  It can also be difficult to find a church to visit in the places we end up.

Jodi did some web searching this week and found a local church here in Gulfport that is affiliated with the church we came from in Indiana.  We drove by it yesterday and decided to go today since it was Easter Sunday.  I can say that we’re glad we went.  It’s a church called Klein Road Church of God in Gulfport, MS.

It was a very small congregation, but very friendly and the message was great too.  Probably the best part was listening to a lady pray who I can say is the epitome of a prayer warrior.  Her prayer was amazing.  Honestly I would go back just to listen to her pray again.  I can’t adequately explain it, but you just know when someone is praying and they’re very connected to God in that moment.  It was nothing short of inspiring.  We want to pray like her.

We’ll be here in Gulfport for about 3 more weeks, so we’re going to spend each of those coming Sundays at Klein Road.

Happy Easter to all of you.

Brodie and Jodi

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