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I am a traveling 30 something woman living in a man's world. In my 6 years of constant travel, I have found that I have become very creative, streamlined, and efficient. Women travel differently than men and that's the way it should be. I am here to share my travel tips, tricks, skills, and failures.

Welcome to 2017

These are the states we’ve visited by RV.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in just six months since we added the Motorhome to our mix of housing options. Since it was in the shop for two months getting repairs and upgrades, most of this travel happened in just 4 short months. By the end of January, we will have added 7 or 8 more states to our U.S. sticker.

We hope to visit many friends in 2017!


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Our house

We’re storing up treasures in heaven because there’s no more room in the RV. Plus, heavenly treasures don’t require extended warranties and oil changes!

Can you fit everything you own into one picture? We can!!

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Matthew 6:20


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Movin’ On Out

It’s a little chilly on the beach this morning. I’m not complaining though because we are DONE being hot and sweaty this year. Just like last year, the hot weather followed us right through Christmas and up to the new year. Well, it’s possible that WE followed the hot weather that long.

We are leaving the chilly Gulf Beach to head toward the Atlantic Coast. We will be staying in Savannah for two weeks. I consider Savannah a second home because of all of the time I’ve spent in the city for work and conferences. However, this will be the first time we have stayed here in the RV. I am so excited to spend some time in this beautiful city and see a few of my favorite customers.

I can’t believe we’re leaving Pensacola Beach. This is the longest stay we’ve had since we moved 2 years ago. We were here for 3 months. Wow!

See ya in Savannah!


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Pensacola Beach

Almost every morning, I take Daisy to our little beach on the sound. She loves to sniff and explore. Usually she finds something stinky to snag and run with or to roll her head around in. Yuck! But, she loves it and it is absolutely gorgeous. Today, I finally remembered to take some pictures.

We should be landing in DFW in about an hour to celebrate our Granddaughter’s first birthday. But, Brodie’s knee has not healed enough to bend so we can’t get on a plane. So, we’re “stuck” in paradise.

The water is beautiful shades of blue and turquoise.

Somebody is a photo hog!

She just found a dead crab. Yuck!

A view across the sound toward Gulf Breeze.

These flowers are all over the beach. They look like some kind of ground cover Clematis.


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Things be crazy, yo!

I thought I would give you all an update on the craziness… This dog is a mess!! I bought her a pumpkin last week and she loves to bite, scratch, and roll it around. Well, today she made it to the gooey center and thinks that it needs to be brought inside to the comfort of the leather couch. Ugh!

Meanwhile, Brodie is trying to shave, get a washcloth bath, all while trying not to pass out from standing on one leg in our little RV bathroom. Did I mention that the screen door doesn’t want to stay shut and that stupid dog keeps getting inside with that damn pumpkin?

NOW HIRING: Dog walker, dish washer, husband washer, bandage changer, life coach, cook… No pay but you will live at the beach!

Brodie went to physical therapy yesterday and had some setbacks. It seems that when they unwrap the tight dressing around the knee, all of the trapped “stuff” rushes all through the body and tries to make you puke and pass out. 

Bright spot: My wonderful parent-cousins showed up with dinner for us last night. It was awesome and we are so greatful for their generosity and love!!❤️

I am supposed to leave for a business trip tomorrow. That’s not happening! The timing for this surgery was horrible but I’m glad it’s done. We just have to struggle through this hopefully short recovery period without any more setbacks.

Now, let’s talk about the “Jones’s”next door. Who can keep up with these folks? Yep, that’s two wave runners, a dirt bike, a Smart Car, and two bikes. Impressive! And, they both have use of their legs! Show offs!

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming….


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Prayers Please

Daisy always seems to know when Brodie needs hugs and today is really one of those days. Brodie will be having knee surgery today. While this is a very common surgery that he has had before (15 years ago on the other knee), he has not had any surgery since his PTSD diagnosis. Panic attacks are very unpredictable and have proven to be a challenge during this process.

One benefit of living like a gypsy is planning your travel around world class medical care facilities. We are so fortunate to be staying 4 miles from Andrews Institute. 

The doctors and the facilities are top notch. However, the surgeon’s bedside manner is pretty bad. Fortunately, Brodie will be snoozing the next time they’re both in the same room. It’s alright. We don’t need a friend, we just need him to be a good surgeon (I’m saying this to remind myself).

We could really use some prayers today:

-Brodie has had anesthesia challenges in the past. We don’t need this today!

-For some reason, the testing/procedure rooms cause panic attacks and flashbacks. We need those to stay away!

-He won’t be able to eat until around 4:30 today. We don’t need hangry Brodie to cause panic attacks.

If you have a minute, please pray for us today. I will keep everyone posted.


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Wonderful Failure

Well, we failed! Our goal was to make it to The Grand Canyon and we only made it as far as Santa Fe, NM. We were just having too much fun and spending too much time at the fun stops along the way. Plus, our journey started in Central Florida so, we had to drive quite a distance just to reach Route 66 in Oklahoma City.

We didn’t have a travel schedule for a reason. I sure didn’t want to be gone for 15 days and return absolutely exhausted and feeling like we all we did was drive.

Mission accomplished! We meandered off and on Route 66, saw some fun sites, ate amazing food, and had an overall fun and relaxing trip. We will cover Arizona and Colorado on the next trip. 

We are currently making our way back east to Alabama. Since I don’t have fun vacation pics to show on our trip back, I figured I would share the goofy Daisy Mae. She sure is a good traveler and she absolutely loves the Motorhome.

Oh, and we are headed to our next “first” adventure in Alabama. More on that next week…


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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is absolutely beautiful! The purple mountains, pink sky, and colorful wild flowers, all frame the beautiful Adobe buildings and red soil.

But the food…HOLY COW! If you could bottle the smell of roasted green chilis you would be a millionaire! Maybe I could just roast a few each week… Never mind!

We now have a full sack of roasted green Chilis and 100 Tamales from Posas to put in our freezer. That may last about 6 months. 

These roasters were awesome and they have 10 of them set up in a Big Lots parking lot. That’s our batch of Hatch roasting right there!!

Here are some more fun pics of our visit

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The sights of Route 66

Next stop: Santa Fe, NMThe last two days have been filled with all of the strange and entertaining roadside “must sees” of Route 66. 

It seems that the goal was to display “the biggest” or “the tallest” or… There was clearly no concern as to what the biggest or tallest novelty was. Cowboy, Ox, Shoe, Tower…

Speaking of towers, check out this gem. All 4 legs are the same length but the center water pipe it too tall. It was too costly to fix so they just left it that way.

This cross stands 190 ft tall and is believed to be the largest in the Western Hemisphere. It includes beautiful night time lighting and all of the stations of the cross below.

The closer we get to New Mexico, the more creative the “art”.


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It’s gettin’ all Southwest…

Greetings from Calumet, OK!

We finally made it to Route 66…kind of. We are traveling on 40 which parallels and joins Route 66 on and off. The problem is that parts of the old 66 just aren’t fit to travel in a vehicle, let alone a giant RV pulling a Jeep.

This is our breakfast/gas/shopping stop for the morning. We are eating a Southwest breakfast with tortillas and stuffed jalapeños. Yummy!!

Off to the next stop…


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