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I am a traveling 30 something woman living in a man's world. In my 6 years of constant travel, I have found that I have become very creative, streamlined, and efficient. Women travel differently than men and that's the way it should be. I am here to share my travel tips, tricks, skills, and failures.

Frog City RV Park

Well, it’s time for an update. I know it’s been awhile since our last post but it’s not for lack of trying. I typed up an awesome blog post with tons of pictures from our recent stays at Harvest Host locations, scheduled it to post, waited for it to post, realized that the entry didn’t post OR save, got mad, decided to punish WordPress for it’s sins, and gave up.

Now, we are staying at Frog City RV Park in Duson, LA which is just outside of Lafayette. It is such a nice little park and there are many fun things to do in the area.

Not only are we guests here, we are also part time employees. We just fill in on the weekends now and then for the full time managers of the park.

For you non-RV’ers out there, this is called Workamping (work camping). This is when you are hired by a park in exchange for a free site and sometimes pay and other perks. So, we will be living at no charge for the next few months in exchange for a few hours of work.

We tried this one other time and it was a MAJOR fail!!! That last place treated it’s workampers like free slave labor. We left after a week.

But, we sure found a good one here! It’s a slow paced, 62 site, RV park right off of I-10. Everybody loves Daisy and she enjoys playing the park “Welcome Wagon”.

Stop by and say hello if you’re in the area. It’s a great place to stop if you’re headed West to TX on I-10. There aren’t any stops after us until TX (well, there are a few that are FULL of monthly renters in Lake Charles because of the pipeline and two new factories).


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New Rug

I love our new rug! Since an RV doesn’t have a doorbell, I figured this was perfect! 😁

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Pine Mountain RV Park

We are currently staying in Pigeon Forge, TN at Pine Mountain RV Park. We have had a wonderful time enjoying this area off-season while the crowds are much smaller. We got here just in time to be featured in the park’s Yelp video:CLICK HERE! Pine Mountain Yelp Page The video is the first photo listed on the Yelp page.

The park is situated along side a creek with very friendly and hungry ducks and views of the mountains. There are also two friendly (and very quiet) donkeys across the creek.

The facilities here are top notch!

This is the perfect place to stay in our Motorhome and have friends come to visit and stay in the cute little cottages. We’ve enjoyed our visits with friends!!

There are two cottages on site. 

Very bright and cheery living area.

Each cottage has two bedrooms with Queen beds.

Nice size bathroom.

If you are looking for a fun getaway, anytime of year, come and visit the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. There’s so much to do for everyone and the area is beautiful. They are still trying to recover from the recent fires and they need everyone to come and visit. Come and spend your money here and give some locals a hug!


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Back to the South

It’s cold and rainy and we’re all still feeling a bit puny. But, we are continuing our journey back to the south.

It’s a good work day, though. I can get a lot of work done while Brodie drives toward my next meetings.

I am so excited to be spending a week in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area where my very best friend is coming to celebrate our birthdays. 


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The Day After…

Well, we made it here for our first inauguration. Everyone that we ran into was very nice and happy to be here. Fortunately, we were not whiteness to any of the riots.

Honestly, we watched most of the official inauguration live on TV from the comfort of the RV. Why?

This is a picture of me today. You don’t want to know what I looked like yesterday!! I don’t even know what I looked like yesterday because I was so sick and congested that my eyes were swollen.

But, it was fun to be here and meet folks from all walks of life. No matter what you may hear or see on TV, this really is a diverse crowd of supporters. Everyone just wants the best for our country and we are hopeful that wise decisions are made for our future.

There are some large groups here at our park that have come from all over the U.S. You may have seen these buses on Fox and CNN. This is a group of 70 people from Georgia. I was interviewed by their radio station.

We also had several bikers with “The Wall of Meat” here in the park.

Overall, it has been a fun experience and I’m so glad we made the trip. Plus, we were able to add 4 more states to our RV map.


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We made it to Washington D.C. and picked up our Inauguration packet and tickets. The lines are long and the wait to get into the Cannon Building was about an hour.

Of course, we spent some time on the Metro. 

Here is one of the many lines to get into the congressional buildings to pick up ticket packets.

Many areas are already closed off in preparation for tomorrow. 

Signage is great!! No question how to get where you need to be.


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Washington Post

Stop the presses!! We were just interviewed by the Washington Post!! They will be doing a story about people making the trip to the inauguration by RV. They are coming to our Campground tomorrow to take some pictures and speak with fellow RV’ers.

I’ll keep you posted on article release dates.


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Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg, VA has been fun! It’s pretty quiet here since it’s off season but, that’s how we like it! It gives us the opportunity to explore in peace and without long lines.

The weather has been perfect and has only required a sweatshirt and no umbrellas. The town is huge!! For my Indiana friends, imagine Conner Prairie x10!! 

As you can probably imagine, the Colonial buildings and homes are beautiful and have been maintained with the highest degree of detail and respect.

I really wish I would have taken a picture of our lunch as it was a true Colonial feast of Beer Cheese soup with toast triangles, Corn Chowder, and a plate of mixed greens with grapes, sausage, ham, boiled eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, beets, pickles, and pickled onions. Oh, and the homemade root beer and ginger ale were fantastic!!

The church and cemetery are awe inspiring with efficient, beautiful design and history. Williamsburg is a must see!!


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Off to Nowhere NC

We enjoyed our evening in Myrtle Beach and we’re headed to somewhere in North Carolina. But, we have added Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach to our list of resorts for future long term stays. It’s a huge RV and residential community right on the beach.


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Myrtle Beach, SC

After two weeks in a beautiful tree covered (squirrel filled) park in Savannah, we are headed north to Myrtle Beach, SC. 

We are DONE with squirrels! Daisy just CAN’T EVEN!! She was sure to have a stroke if our time in Savannah didn’t end soon.

Peace has been restored and we are about 4 hours away from our next beach stay. No squirrels on the beach! Thank goodness!!


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