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When in West Monroe

We’re in West Monroe, Louisiana for the night. So, if you’re in West Monroe you must visit Duck Dynasty. 

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Sign you’re in Louisiana 

We’re still on our way to Alabama. We decided to stop in West Monroe, Louisiana for the night. 

Driving on Louisiana roads can drain you pretty quickly. It gets extremely bumpy during some stretches of road. Our goal was to make it all the way through the state, but we were getting weary and found an RV park. I took Daisy out for her walk and didn’t see any of the usual dog owner warnings. Instead, there’s one warning sign about alligators. 

Here’s your sign. 


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Grumpy Pizza

If you happen to be driving through Clarendon, Texas stop into Grumpy’s Pizza on US 287. Extremely friendly and Texan. 

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Peppers in Santa Fe 

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Breakfast in Santa Fe

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Rolling out of cars in Memphis

We’re well on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We made it to our next stop today, which is Memphis, TN.  We’re staying in the Graceland RV park.  The area around Graceland appears to be a little sketchy, but the park is nice.

We’ll be staying here a couple of days before we move on west.

Once we were in Memphis and only 3 to 4 miles from the park, we had a very unique situation happen.  We’re driving along when a car, coming the opposite direction, did a hard, fast u-turn in front of us and a young male, late teens or early 20’s,  rolled out of the back door and across the pavement.

We came to a stop and Jodi called 911 to report it.  I contemplated getting out to assist, but before I could more people showed up, from where I don’t know, and angry voices began.  We decided it was best to let the police come and do their thing and we left the area before things got violent.  Besides, the afternoon shift was filing out of the adjacent strip club to take a look.  There were more than enough feet already on the ground to handle whatever situation it was.

Any who, we arrived safely and got situated.

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Locked out of the RV

Last night took a very unexpected adventurous turn at about 11:30pm.  Jodi and I were ready for bed, but we decided to take the dogs out one last time.  We were out for about 5 minutes when Jodi called to me and said “the door is locked”. Oh……No…….

Sure enough, the door had somehow locked behind us.  First time this has happened.  We tried for several minutes to use a tool to pop the lock to no avail.  We have a second set of keys for the RV, but they were locked in the Jeep.  Not good.

I must admit here that I was not handling this situation well.  The day had already not gone as smoothly as I tried to make it.  Locking ourselves out late at night was bad icing on a really bad cake to me.

I had luckily brought my phone out with me.  Jodi looked up a local locksmith and within about 15minutes he and his wife were on the scene to help.  This is where the story gets insane.

The locksmith tried to get into the RV, but couldn’t.  We had heard and he confirmed that these doors are very difficult to get into.  We then had him go with plan B.  Unlock the Jeep and we’ll get the spare keys from there.  Only hurdle we had was that once he unlocked the door the car alarm would start screaming and here we are in a tightly packed park.  I got tools to start disconnecting the battery while the locksmith unlocked the Jeep, but before I could get the battery disconnected, he opened the door.

We were off to the races!  We get the keys and are trying to get the RV unlocked, which is not cooperating for some reason.  Because of the screaming alarm, our two dogs are going nuts.  Jodi couldn’t keep her hold on them without leashes.  Then a guy and his wife that evidently live here permanently in a very small RV across the street come over yelling for us to shut the alarm off.  Jodi and I both are trying to explain that we’re working on it while at the same time control our dogs that are loosing it.  The two angry RV dwellers continue to berate and threaten us with calls to the police, the park owner, the president, congress, while we try to grab our dogs and get into the RV to get the key to go the Jeep to shut off the alarm.  This is the best I can do to get the whole crazy thing into words.

The good news is that we got in, got the car alarm off and we both slept soundly after I was able to calm down.

Footnote: the angry neighbor must have left for work or somewhere about 6:30 this morning because he laid on the horn in his truck for a couple of minutes before leaving.  Guess he wanted to make sure we knew what his horn sounded like too.


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2 More Days!

We finalized the repairs on the RV today.  Let me say first that if you buy and RV, especially a used one, buying an extended warranty is well worth the money.  During all of the back and forth to get the original problems fixed, the motor on the front slide out stopped working.

Things worked out well on two counts.  First, we had already returned it to the service center because it wasn’t fixed correctly the first time when the slide out motor started having problems.

Second, we had purchased an extended warranty from Good Sam, so the repair was covered other than our $250 deductible.

Now, everything’s done and when Jodi returns from Atlanta we’ll load up and head out.


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The RV is finally fixed

With only 3 days left of our stay here in the Villages, FL we received word on Friday that the RV is finally properly repaired.  I went and checked it as thoroughly as I could today and I think they’re right.

That means the AC units work, as well as the generator.  This in turn means we feel more comfortable in making a trip to the Grand Canyon.

So, just a few more days and we’re on the road again.


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Eisenhower Rec Center 

We have friends visiting us in the Villages, FL this weekend. We took them over to one of our favorite places, The Eisenhower Rec center. They have a large collection military memorabilia on display. 

This is a painting on display that was done by Dwight Eisenhower. 

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