About Brodie and Jodi

We are Brodie and Jodi Brown.  We’re both originally from Indiana and then moved to Georgia on July 4th, 2004.  Our kids went to middle and high school there.  I owned two businesses.  Jodi continued up the corporate sales ladder.  Then the kids finished school and moved on.  We realized after just a few years that we were living our lives to live in a house.  We weren’t really serving God.  We weren’t really living.  We were existing.

So, we decided to trust God’s strange leading.  We sold almost everything we owned.  We sold our house.   We bought a small cargo trailer.  And then decided to live in long term vacation rentals in the southeast, Jodi’s work territory, and follow where God leads.  After all, Jesus has never disappointed us.

For my part, I was unemployed due to PTSD and it was time for me to push my boundaries again.

So, here we are.  Living a life that is, by and large, totally dependent on God.  And so far it’s a blast!

Jodi and Brodie Brown

Jodi and Brodie Brown


2 thoughts on “About Brodie and Jodi

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  2. brancris123

    Lovely couple! Congratulations on your new journey and may God continue to bless you both!

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