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2 More Days!

We finalized the repairs on the RV today.  Let me say first that if you buy and RV, especially a used one, buying an extended warranty is well worth the money.  During all of the back and forth to get the original problems fixed, the motor on the front slide out stopped working.

Things worked out well on two counts.  First, we had already returned it to the service center because it wasn’t fixed correctly the first time when the slide out motor started having problems.

Second, we had purchased an extended warranty from Good Sam, so the repair was covered other than our $250 deductible.

Now, everything’s done and when Jodi returns from Atlanta we’ll load up and head out.


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The RV is finally fixed

With only 3 days left of our stay here in the Villages, FL we received word on Friday that the RV is finally properly repaired.  I went and checked it as thoroughly as I could today and I think they’re right.

That means the AC units work, as well as the generator.  This in turn means we feel more comfortable in making a trip to the Grand Canyon.

So, just a few more days and we’re on the road again.


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Eisenhower Rec Center 

We have friends visiting us in the Villages, FL this weekend. We took them over to one of our favorite places, The Eisenhower Rec center. They have a large collection military memorabilia on display. 

This is a painting on display that was done by Dwight Eisenhower. 

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Maiden Voyage

There she be! Navigating the tight roads of a 45 year old campground that wasn’t quite expecting Motorhomes of her size.

We’ve had a busy week working and traveling. We started out last weekend at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. That was pretty fun since neither of us have ever stayed at a Disney resort. It’s a fun campground with very nice facilities and plenty of activities. 

Although it was a short stay, we did get one day at Epcot and a fun night at The Hoop Dee Doo Revue.

We had the perfect table right next to the piano and banjo.

The show was hilarious!! 

The remainder of the week has been spent in Dunedin, FL visiting friends and family. We had a wonderful brunch with Bob & Kim Bennett. Of course, we forgot to take pictures.

We had a great time catching up with my cousin Jenny (See the family resemblance?). The Mellow Mushroom in Clearwater is pretty cool!

This is the amazing Camphor tree at Mellow Mushroom.

So, we had fun and saw a bunch of family. However, our Motorhome had to go back to the hospital when we returned to The Villages. It seems that Alliance didn’t fix what they said they did. I will give them one chance to get it right before I drastically change my review.


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The Daisy Train

The Daisy Train is ready to roll!!We finally have “The Beast” back from the RV hospital. It has been a patient at Alliance Coach since 6/30 and we were beginning to wonder if it would be finished before time to leave The Villages. 

Side note: Alliance Coach – Wildwood at The Villages, FL is absolutely wonderful! If you are in the area and looking for a new trailer, motor coach, parts, or service, speak with Mike Wittman. He sure took care of these two novice RV owners. They even have a campground and dog park!

So, we were a bit nervous about our repair bill. There were 11 items that were MUST do and a few that were optional. But, it all turned out well and kind of weird. For instance, how much do you think it would cost to fix an AC unit? Now, how much would you guess two new side mirrors would cost?Unless you have dealt with these issues, I bet your guess was wrong. The AC cost $180 to fix. The new side mirrors cost almost $2000!!! Bah! The mirrors are all smart and fancy with turn signals, heat, tinting… Basically, you can’t change styles or downgrade because the wiring won’t match up.But, we got a great deal on our RV and we knew that meant we would need to put some money into it. So, we paid around $20K under book value and our 11 repairs cost us $2900 (yes, that is $2K for the mirrors and $900 for 10 additional repairs). Plus, the alternator belt installed on the side of i10 in TX cost $500. So, we still feel like it was a great purchase. (See interiors photos below this post.)

Budget: For those following our budgeting process, this is how we pay for the RV, maintenance, fuel, and camping: It comes out of our housing budget. We budget $2000/month for housing no matter what. As you can imagine, the months of living in the RV are far below that budget. Of course, most of the homes we rent are below that monthly cost, as well. It’s working for now. We’ll keep you posted.


Here are a few interior photos without the slide outs extended:

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