Declutter with Ebay

Even after selling 90% of what we owned, we still find more stuff that we can get rid of.  Basically we find things that we’ve drug around in our trailer for a year without using.  So why keep hauling it?

As we find those things we either donate them or, if they have more value, we try to sell them on eBay first.

Last week I went through some of my stuff that hasn’t been touched or needed in the last year and listed them for sale on Ebay.  If you’ve never tried Ebay to sell things, it’s really easy.

We’ve sold things on Ebay for several years and it’s easier now than it has ever been.  This latest round of selling I did everything with my phone in just a few minutes.  We didn’t win the lottery, but we made $150 on a few things that were no longer being used.  Not bad for playing on your smart phone.

Now, if we can find that one item to sell for a few million dollars we’ll be set.  Fingers and toes crossed.


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One thought on “Declutter with Ebay

  1. Jane

    We are going to be doing the same kind of thing as you next year in Canada and I was wondering if you can share what sort of things you actually carry around with you in your trailer? We are trying to decide what we need to keep and what can go, so would be interested to know what you keep with you, other than doggie stuff.

    I also have another question, if you don’t mind. I know we will have to pre-book rental in advance and obviously this involves deposits. Can you share how much in advance you normally book ahead and also how much you end up having tied up in deposits etc. at any one time?

    Huge thanks, Jane


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