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Declutter with Ebay

Even after selling 90% of what we owned, we still find more stuff that we can get rid of.  Basically we find things that we’ve drug around in our trailer for a year without using.  So why keep hauling it?

As we find those things we either donate them or, if they have more value, we try to sell them on eBay first.

Last week I went through some of my stuff that hasn’t been touched or needed in the last year and listed them for sale on Ebay.  If you’ve never tried Ebay to sell things, it’s really easy.

We’ve sold things on Ebay for several years and it’s easier now than it has ever been.  This latest round of selling I did everything with my phone in just a few minutes.  We didn’t win the lottery, but we made $150 on a few things that were no longer being used.  Not bad for playing on your smart phone.

Now, if we can find that one item to sell for a few million dollars we’ll be set.  Fingers and toes crossed.


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Pancakes, Hikes, Naps and Sushi

Today is Mother’s Day and we’re in Ocean Springs, MS.  We had a great day today.

The weather here right now is great with highs in the high 70’s to low 80’s and sunny.  Since it’s Mother’s Day, Jodi had her choice of what we did. First, we went for breakfast at a small diner in downtown Ocean Springs at a place called Buzzy’s Breakfast Joint.  If you’re ever in the area it’s worth checking out.

Then we took  a hike with the dogs at what we thought was a trail.  After a short distance, we learned that it was a 1/2 mile path to a campground.  That turned out to be a really nice surprise though.  There were several nice people out and about that were happy to see the dogs and talk.

We came back to our guest house rental and decided a nap was in order for all.  Naps are awesome.  Nothing more to say.

Finally, we headed out for Jodi’s mother’s day choice: sushi.  Jodi is much more of a sushi fan than I am, but I was really glad we went.  Good place called Ichiban if you’re ever in the area.

Brodie and Jodiimg_1275

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Is it us?

We’re having “splash backs” of our stay in Gulfport exactly one year ago. 

Day 1 = Storms upon arrival

Day 2 = Monsoon

Day 3 forecast = locusts & frogs

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