We answer some questions

Yesterday, Brodie asked if anyone had questions about the way we live. We have already received some great feedback. I would like to answer one from Jane. Here’s the question:

I have found your blog really useful as my husband and I have been considering doing the same thing in Canada, with the occasional dip into US. Most of my iterest is in how you decide where to locate yourself and where and how you select properties etc. Are there things you miss not having a stable home. We love the idea of doing all this but it is quite a scary thing to embark on as once we do it there is no going back. I doubt we could get back into home ownership market, or at least not to the level we have at the moment. But the thought of travelling and being free of all the things ownership entails is very tempting. Thanks.

How do we decide on locations?

We travel within my sales territory. Some of our location choices are based on work events in that month. Some are chosen due to projects that I have in the area. And sometimes, we are just interested in seeing a new area of the country. Of course, sometimes we choose a place because there is little available in other areas due to seasonal demand and prices.

As far as finding homes that are available, I rely mostly on VRBO.com. I have used FlipKey and airBnB a couple of times but not often. I look for single family homes that are dog friendly and have a King size bed. Those are the top 3 qualifiers that we have. The rest are just preferences. I ALWAYS speak to the owner by phone. There is no replacement for an actual conversation with another human. You DO NOT want to feel like you’re not welcome in the home you’re in which you’re staying!!!

Are there things we miss about not having a stable home?

This one is hard. I would first say that homeownership is no longer very stable. The investment of a home just isn’t a sure thing anymore. But, I would assume that you’re asking about lifestyle more than financial security.

I would say that the things I miss are kind of silly. I miss the couches that we chose and were comfortable to us. We never know how comfy a couch or bed will be in each house. But, we just don’t really care, now, because we know we’ll only be there for a month.

We do miss friends but we still see them. When we see them now, the time spent together is more valuable and cherished. Plus, they come to visit us in some pretty amazing places.

“If we do this, there’s no going back.” (This is my favorite part of this question)

This is a lie! Or as I like to say, “This is the devil.” You can always go back. What you are living now is the norm. You may feel like you could not recreate it but deep down, I know that you know that’s not true. Sure, it may be a different home with different furnishings but, you can always go back to homeownership. Plus, with all of the money you save living like a nomad, you could probably buy your next home with cash.

I promise you, the unforeseen challenges that you fear the most will turn out to be non-issues. I can say this because we had the same thoughts and fears. We just had to remind ourselves that we can change our mind and buy a home again at anytime.

Thanks for your questions, Jane! Feel free to reach out to us anytime.


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5 thoughts on “We answer some questions

  1. Jane

    Thanks for your reply, I have another question if that’s okay? I know you have mentioned on a couple of posts the amount you pay for the house, but do you have a list of the properties you have stayed in, month of stay and amount you paid? I realize your costs will be different to ours, but it would be nice to know the rough costs. Also, I assume that some places are more expensive at certain times of the year. Have you even not been able to find a place to stay where you wanted either due to properties not being available or the costs too high?


    • We budget $2000/month for homes. But, of course some are lower and a couple have been higher. I could send you some links to homes we’ve rented. One thing I didn’t mention is that we also prefer to stay in areas off season. We save money and we don’t have to battle vacation traffic. But, the month of April is always a challenge here in the Southeast because of spring breaks. We tend to pay more no matter where we stay.


      • Jane

        Thank you. A link to your houses would be great.


      • Here are a few that I had easy access to. Hope this helps.

        April 2015 – VRBO.com/320822
        May 2015 – VRBO.com/280384
        June 2015 -www.realescapesproperties.com/page.php?
        September 2015 – VRBO.com/314589
        November 2015 – VRBO.com/502563
        Dec/Jan – VRBO.com/289593


    • Oh, and I’ve always found homes. Maybe not exactly where we were originally looking but in 16 months, we’ve never been homeless or even worried about not finding a house. I keep us booked about 4-6 months out. The earlier you book, the better your odds of finding the house and area you want.


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