Is this cheaper than owning a home?

We asked for reader questions on our traveling way of life and I’m excited to say that we got some.  We’re going to take each question as an individual blog post.

The first question was “is this cheaper than owning a home?

The simple answer is absolutely yes!  We owned a home in the East Cobb area of Marietta, Georgia.  Our monthly expenses included the house payment, normal utility bills, insurance, maintenance, repairs, taxes, hoa dues, etc.  The costs involved in owning a house can add up quickly and it can be difficult to account for every cost at times.

We no longer own a home and we don’t rent long term.  When we rent, the utilities and maintenance are part of what we pay.  There are no hidden or surprise expenses and we pay considerably less than we did before we sold our house.

If you own a house with no mortgage payment, then our way may not be cheaper.  In this case it would depend on the cost of utilities, maintenance, property taxes and hoa dues(if applicable).

I’ll answer the next question in the next post.  Have a question of your own?  Comment and let us know.

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