All Good in Alabama

Since our last update we are in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  It was a fairly uneventful drive from Augusta, so there really isn’t anything to write about.

We did the usual and got everything moved in within a couple of hours.  We’ve gotten pretty good by now at packing and unpacking.  We’ve also gotten better at prioritizing what to do when.

Anyways, we’re in the new house and we like it.  It’s an older, but comfortable, house the sits on the Tennessee River.  It’s cool to sit on the couch and look up to see a giant barge going by your back yard.

In this particular house we have moved back to a more rural setting.  Jodi and I have talked a lot about the benefits of splitting our time between rural, urban and in between.  We like parts of each, so there has been no perfect place.  Yet.

If you’ve been counting, this is house #17.

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