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Tetris Packing

When everything you own must fit into a 5×8 trailer, you develope some Tetris packing skills!  

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The End, Again

  We have reached the end of our stay in Augusta. Yes, February is a short month but it sure feels like time has gone very quickly during this stay. It’s probably because I was traveling during most of our stay and then we were sick.

We have really enjoyed our time here and will most likely return very soon. We have even offered to buy this house should they decide to sell. No, we would not live here permanently, it would be a home base and vacation rental.

There’s this little event called The Masters that happens in Augusta every April which makes it a prime vacation rental hot spot. Plus, it’s a pretty cool place to hang out.  The doggies have really enjoyed our walks in this urban setting. There are big windows to look out, a big porch to lounge on, and a great fenced in yard to poop in. 

Stay tuned for a video review of this property.


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Old Augusta Cemetery 

There’s a very old cemetery down the street from where we’re staying here in Augusta.  It’s closed at night but during the day it’s usually open and it’s a really cool place to get our steps in and see some history. 

We found one of those old stones today with my name actually spelled correctly.  I look a little stupid because I was struggling to get the camera far enough away from me to get everything in the frame. Oh well. 


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Dog Walk thru a SWAT team

We’re still here in Augusta, Georgia.  Our current house just happens to be a block away from the sheriffs department.  In fact, we’re directly across the street from the old sheriffs department.  It’s just an empty jail now.

Daisy and I went out for a short walk a few minutes ago when several marked and unmarked police cars pulled up in front of us.  Officers in tactical got out and began what looked like a weapons check and last minute briefing.

Daisy and I kept walking and watching.  We were largely ignored by the group.  Daisy must have sensed that they all had other things to do, because she watched them closely, but didn’t try to do her normal greetings.

As quick as they pulled up, they were gone.  Off to serve a warrant I suppose.  Daisy and I run into a lot of weird stuff on our walks.


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The Super Bowl is on and we have a popcorn popper in our awesome vacation home. They knew I was coming!  It’s not just the popper but it’s fully stocked with the movie popcorn kits, including the oil, popcorn, and flavor packs. Oh, and the cute popcorn buckets! Oh, oh, oh, and the Coke shaped glasses for my ice cold Coke!



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Daisy the mouse hunter

We made it to our new home in Augusta, GA yesterday around 5pm. It is a beautiful 1880’s Victorian home very close to downtown with restaurants and shopping within walking distance.

However, it seems there is an issue with mice. Yep! Daisy has been cleaning every corner of this house with her nose, trying to find a mouse since we got here.   

This morning, she finally caught one and ended it’s life quickly. I put a cup over it and yelled for Brodie (who was wearing gloves while moving our belongings into the house) to come and dispose of the dead rodent.

 (This is Daisy, not the dead mouse)

So, he comes in and picks it up. At the same time the alarm on his phone goes off. The tone for his alarm is the Minions making their siren noise “bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo”. HILARIOUS!!!!

So, the mouse was escorted to the outdoor trash can with Minion honors. That’s how we roll, folks!

The exterminator is coming soon but I’m guessing Daisy will have the house fully exterminated before they get here.


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