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Home Base Pensacola

We’re back in Pensacola, Florida for 3 days.  Our next 30 day rental is in Port Charlotte, Florida.  We could’ve driven straight from our rental in Texas to Port Charlotte, but it would have been a very long and miserable drive. The drive was already much longer than it should have been due to heavy rain.

So, Jodi found a rental in Pensacola to give us a short break in between.  I’m glad she did, because we all needed it.  The dogs have been crashed for most of our stay.  We heard from the owners of the last rental that Taygar the Great Dane was missing Daisy and us.  We think Daisy was missing her as well.

So, that’s it for now unless something exciting happens.  The rain that we drove in and out of on the way here has now caught up with us and so we’re waiting and hoping we won’t be driving in rain again as we head further south.


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