Our Texas Home

This is our cute little house in Harker Heights, TX. We are about 10 minutes from Killen and around 15 minutes from Fort Hood. This little house is called Mamau’s House. It is an in-law house behind a private residence.

This is the first time we’ve used Airbnb because we would typically choose to have a private residence since we have dogs. However, we hit the jackpot with this house! 

The entire property is fenced in and there are three resident dogs that have adopted us. Taygar, the Great Dane, is Daisy’s bestie. They jump in the pool, run in the yard, and wrestle in the mulch. Every morning, Tay waits in front of the house for Daisy.  

It has been great for the animals but very fun for us, too! Tonight, the owners hosted an Octoberfest party out by the pool. Everyone brought food and their dogs. It is so fun to hang out with dog lovers. They’re good people!

The owners are both veterinarians. Score! We got our dog’s vaccinated here at home and didn’t have to take them into the scary clinic. AWESOME!

Oh, and we got us some Texas boots.  

Did I mention that we have a grand baby coming, soon? Yay!


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One thought on “Our Texas Home

  1. It really is good to hear how much y’all like that place. Sounds like it may be hard to leave this one. And those boots, just wow.


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