Most pleasant house?

Well, as most of you know, we’ve stayed in many houses, now. Since December, we have had 11 Vacation homes. 

As I’m drinking my coffee and watching the dogs do their thing, I feel that this might just be the most peaceful, pleasant home we’ve stayed in, so far. But, I’m not sure why.

We’ve had many homes with a beautiful view and a nice porch in which to enjoy the outdoors. Many of those homes have also had a fenced area for the dogs. All of our homes have had more space since this house is actually an in-law home on the property of a private residence.

And then it hit me! It’s not the house or the view that’s so amazing. It’s the fact that I can sit outside at 7am without my eyelids sweating!

Since December, we have been in record setting temperatures. December-April were record lows and April-September have been above 90 degrees in every state. That’s 6 months of sweating in places that you didn’t know we’re capable of sweating!

Yay, Fall!!


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One thought on “Most pleasant house?

  1. Must be your Proverbs 3:6 house.


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