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No Zyrtec-D in Arkansas

Jodi and I are both allergy sufferers.  In order to keep our histamines at bay we take a combination of Zyrtec-D and Flonase.  This combination works well to ward of any sinus infections.

So, we stopped in a nearby Walgreens here in Arkansas to get more Zyrtec-D.  Imagine our surprise when we were told that we could not, yes I said could not, buy Zyrtec-D unless we were Arkansas residents or had a prescription.  What!!!!!

The pharmacy person told us we could go over to the Walgreens clinic if we wanted to see the doctor and get a prescription.  No!!!!!!

Luckily, Jodi remembered that I had a prescription still on file for Zyrtec-D from the last sinus infection and doctor visit.  To be totally honest, we were both ticked off and stunned.  Does anyone really think that not allowing visitors from other states to buy allergy medication is going to finally stopped the manufacture of Crystal Meth?????

On top of that, the pharmacy tech had the nerve to tell us that this law has helped the states meth problem.  Wrong again!  So, there you have it.  That’s my Arkansas rant for the day.  Remember that if you’re going to be visiting Arkansas you will need to bring enough allergy medicine to last through the trip.

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