Escape from Hot Springs Village

Jodi and I had a tiny snag when trying to leave our neighborhood this morning.  We needed to go to the nearest Walmart.  So we opened up Waze, searched for the nearest Walmart and hit the road.  Then we hit a snag.  After driving for a while we came to an unmanned gate.  We don’t have a code or keycard to open the gate.

Luckily, the drivers behind us were understanding of our predicament and left us enough room to back up and turn around. We drove about 3 to 4 miles to the nearest gate that we new was manned.  The guards let us know a few useful pieces of information.

First: there are only two ways to go.  One at each end of the area.

Second: The home owner could authorize us to purchase a gate pass. Ummm, no.

Third: One of the two gates closes at night.

Fourth: the whole place is designated as a national park.  Therefore, it is run by the Federal Govt.  This explains why the gate guards had very little assistance for us.

Fifth: The good news is we learned how to escape when needed.  We have to drive a little farther than most of the other people, but we all get to the same places.

P.S. the guards did tell us that there are some good walking and hiking trails in the area that they used to have maps for.  Notice that I said “used to”.


English: Gate and fence, Inch near Downpatrick...

English: Gate and fence, Inch near Downpatrick (1) Recently erected gate and fence at Inch cemetery 542137. See also 1201910. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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