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The trailer police found us

We’re down to 4 days left here in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas.   Jodi and I both are ready to move on.  It’s been nice being in a quiet place, but now the silence is getting unnerving.  It also takes a while to get to civilization.

I think a stay here would be better if it stayed under 2 weeks.  That would be enough time to decompress without starting to feel like we’re somewhere near Deliverance territory.  But, as Jodi and I have agreed, we can live anywhere for a month.  So, all in all we’re still having fun.

We drove into Little Rock for dinner yesterday evening.  When we go back, we found the dreaded red tag on our trailer.  It appears that one of our neighbors, most likely the one next door, has taken exception to the trailer being parked in the driveway and called whoever handles neighborhood complaints.

We don’t think that the area normally passes out violation notices, because whoever delivered the notice wrote that a neighbor filed a complaint.  The notice said we have 72 hours to move it or start getting daily fines.  It works out well because we’ll be leaving just after the 72 hour deadline.  So, we called and left a message with the guy who left the tag and let him know we’d be leaving soon.  Hopefully that will be satisfactory and we won’t have to try to get the trailer into the garage or elsewhere for a day before we bring it back to pack it and leave.

On a side note, we watched a coyote trot by the house a few days ago.  You don’t see that everyday.


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Hiking trails Hot Springs Village 

Daisy and I headed to one of the trails here in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas this morning. There are several trails to choose from. 

We took the Hernando trail and hiked about 4.5 miles. It’s a nice, wooded gravel trail with just enough hills to make it challenging. 

The trail had a lot of shade as long as you’re there before or after noon. 


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Hot Springs Rocks 

Jodi and I stopped at a roadside rock shop yesterday outside of Hot Springs.  They had some amazing stones. 


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No Zyrtec-D in Arkansas

Jodi and I are both allergy sufferers.  In order to keep our histamines at bay we take a combination of Zyrtec-D and Flonase.  This combination works well to ward of any sinus infections.

So, we stopped in a nearby Walgreens here in Arkansas to get more Zyrtec-D.  Imagine our surprise when we were told that we could not, yes I said could not, buy Zyrtec-D unless we were Arkansas residents or had a prescription.  What!!!!!

The pharmacy person told us we could go over to the Walgreens clinic if we wanted to see the doctor and get a prescription.  No!!!!!!

Luckily, Jodi remembered that I had a prescription still on file for Zyrtec-D from the last sinus infection and doctor visit.  To be totally honest, we were both ticked off and stunned.  Does anyone really think that not allowing visitors from other states to buy allergy medication is going to finally stopped the manufacture of Crystal Meth?????

On top of that, the pharmacy tech had the nerve to tell us that this law has helped the states meth problem.  Wrong again!  So, there you have it.  That’s my Arkansas rant for the day.  Remember that if you’re going to be visiting Arkansas you will need to bring enough allergy medicine to last through the trip.

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Cooler weather and longer walks

We’ve finally made it to some cooler weather here in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas.  It’s still really humid but we’re not complaining.  Anything less than 90 is a welcome change.  Jodi and I took the dogs on a 1.8 mile trek this morning.

There are paved paths around the golf course behind our house that we walked this morning.  I wasn’t sure that we were allowed to be on them or not.  But, we saw some residents riding bikes on those paths so I feel like we’re less likely to get scolded by an oldie for being on them.

I like a treadmill in an air conditioned room as much as anyone, but I really feel like it’s a better workout being out on the paths and hills.  Plus, I have a much better chance of seeing a Yeti in the woods.


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Hiking trails in Hot Springs Village

Well, the temperatures this week in Hot Springs, Arkansas are finally starting to drop to more fall like weather.  Or at least closer to fall like weather.

This means we can all get back outside and walking on a regular basis.  We’ve been doing shorter walks due to the heat index being well over 100 degrees.  It’s supposed to drop into the low to mid 80’s in a day or so and it’s going to feel like winter in comparison to the recent weather.

Hot Springs Village is on national park grounds so there are a lot of trails we have yet to explore.  If you’re a fan of hiking or visiting historic places, then Hot Springs, Arkansas may be a place you want to add to your to do list.


Water Fountain for drinking hot spring water, ...

Water Fountain for drinking hot spring water, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“Oh, it’s like that Tiny House show!”

No! The way we live is NOTHING like those Tiny House dwellers! I had never heard of this show until we began this crazy gypsy lifestyle. But, I bet at least 50% of the people we talk to mention the Tiny House movement.

There is no way I’d live in a 200 sq ft house. This doesn’t even sound fun and I’m a fan of camping. But that’s what living in a 200 sq ft house would be; camping! No! No! No!

Oh, and the price!! What? $30k+!!! No! No! No! 

Yes, they have chosen to live an alternative American Dream, like us. I think it’s good for all of us to downsize every now and then. It truly is amazing what you can live without.

You go, Tiny House livers! But I like to have separate rooms.

Just setting things straight…


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Escape from Hot Springs Village

Jodi and I had a tiny snag when trying to leave our neighborhood this morning.  We needed to go to the nearest Walmart.  So we opened up Waze, searched for the nearest Walmart and hit the road.  Then we hit a snag.  After driving for a while we came to an unmanned gate.  We don’t have a code or keycard to open the gate.

Luckily, the drivers behind us were understanding of our predicament and left us enough room to back up and turn around. We drove about 3 to 4 miles to the nearest gate that we new was manned.  The guards let us know a few useful pieces of information.

First: there are only two ways to go.  One at each end of the area.

Second: The home owner could authorize us to purchase a gate pass. Ummm, no.

Third: One of the two gates closes at night.

Fourth: the whole place is designated as a national park.  Therefore, it is run by the Federal Govt.  This explains why the gate guards had very little assistance for us.

Fifth: The good news is we learned how to escape when needed.  We have to drive a little farther than most of the other people, but we all get to the same places.

P.S. the guards did tell us that there are some good walking and hiking trails in the area that they used to have maps for.  Notice that I said “used to”.


English: Gate and fence, Inch near Downpatrick...

English: Gate and fence, Inch near Downpatrick (1) Recently erected gate and fence at Inch cemetery 542137. See also 1201910. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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