Initializing Launch Sequence in 5…4…3…2…


Time to pack up the black rocket and move to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

While our time at The Villages in Florida has been one of our absolute favorites, we are ready to move on. I’m not sure why we are so ready to go. Either we’ve been blessed or cursed with wanderlust during this time in our life. But, staying in one place just doesn’t seem like the thing to do. So, we can only assume that we’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.

The most common question I get is about having to move all the time. Does it get old? Nope! We are master packers, at this point. From the time we start moving everything back to its place to the time we pull out of the driveway = 2 hours. When you don’t have much stuff and everything has it’s place, it’s pretty easy to be mobile. Plus, it’s like packing for vacation. We’re always heading off to a place we’ve never been and we are filled with anticipation.

For me, it’s the trill of the hunt and finding an amazing home at a bargain price. So far, I’ve been very proud of my house hunting skills. The owners have been awesome and we’ve not been refused a full deposit refund, yet. We take good care of the homes we live in and hope that owners will continue to rent to dog owners because of people like us. Our goal is always to leave it better than we found it.

So, on Saturday, we will make our journey to the half-way point of Birmingham, AL to spend the night in a cabin at a campground. Sunday we will drive the remaining distance to Hot Springs Village, AR. I’ve been watching the temperatures and they have been, at least, 15-20 degrees cooler than here at The Villages. I just cannot tell you how excited we are to have cooler temps. We have been living in 90+ degree temp areas since April. WE ARE DONE!



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