Too hot for a dog walk

We’re still in Florida and it’s been insanely hot.  I’m still wondering why there aren’t dead golfers all over the course at the end of each day.  I don’t know how they are avoiding heat stroke.

It’s also way too hot for our usual dog walks in the middle of the day.  I did a search today to see if there was a rule of thumb for knowing when it’s too hot to walk the dogs on concrete or pavement.

Turns out there’s a 5 second rule to know whether your dog’s paws can take the heat or not.  According to several websites, in order to find out if it’s too hot, hold the back of your hand to the concrete or pavement.  If you can’t take the heat for 5 seconds or more, then neither can your dog.

I haven’t tried this yet, but it makes sense.  Try it at your own risk.


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