Time to Leave The Villages

Well, this is our last night in the house we rented in The Villages in Florida.  The trailer is all packed except for what we need.  We returned the rainbow golf cart.  And the house has been cleaned.

Now we wait for tomorrow morning when we’ll drive a few hours to St. Simons Island in Georgia.  Jodi has a work event there and then we’ll actually be coming right back to the Villages for another month.  We’ll be in a different house this time though.

It looks like we’ll have much more of a view.  The back yard looks out over the golf course.  This next house also comes with a golf cart, so we won’t have to spend the extra money to rent one.  Speaking of which, Jodi and I talked about it today and decided that it is definitely a good idea to have a golf cart if you’re staying here for any length of time.  While you can get everywhere with a full size car, a golf cart is much more convenient and better on gas.

We spent some time today getting most things packed in the trailer and cleaning.  We don’t have to clean, but we like to leave a good impression.  So, there you have it.  That’s our adventure for today from what I can remember.


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