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Storm after storm after storm…

Luckily, we’ve had sun almost every day, here at The Villages. But the afternoon storms have been impressive! Take a look at the storm that rolled in today. The clouds were beautiful!


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New Villages Cart 

We’re back in the Villages and this new house includes a cool golf cart.  It’s not as fast as the last one, but it definitely runs better. 


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Creepy door knocker 

This is the door knocker on the front door of the house we’re renting. We can’t figure out the genders. We only know that to knock on door, you smash their faces together. Weird. 


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Boulevard Cafe St. Simons Island

Jodi and I walked a couple of blocks from our house to a small local restaurant this morning for breakfast.  It’s a small place called Boulevard Cafe.  It’s not in the middle of the downtown traffic so it wasn’t busy, but it should have been.

They have a limited menu, but what we had was great.  From what we gathered it’s a husband and wife owned place.  On our way out we ran into the husband and spent 5 or 10 minutes in the parking lot talking.  I’m sure they get a fair amount of vacation traffic, but I think they probably have a lot of regular locals.

If we were going to be here longer, we would definitely go back.  So, if you visit St. Simons Island at some point be sure to stop at the Boulevard Cafe.  You’ll be glad you did.


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St. Simons Island

We’re half way through our stay at Three Sisters Cottage on St. Simons Island in Georgia.  We’ve come here every year for the last 5 years or so for a work conference that Jodi has.

So far so good, although it’s not quite as convenient as it was in The Villages.  Honestly, we miss having the golf cart and paths to get around.  We’ve seen some people driving carts here, but the area is not designed for them.  It’s also been incredibly hot and humid this week.  That’s typical weather for here this time of year, but it seems to be exceptionally heavy air this year.

On a side note: as I’m typing this post there are related news stories that are coming up in a sidebar.  The first story in the list has this title: Human skull found in St. Simons Island surf.  You don’t see that every day.


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The Villages, FL Vacation Home – Village of Hillsboro – July 2015

This is more of a video tour than a review. We absolutely loved this house but, the owners love it, too. The day after we checked out, they moved in full time. I don’t blame them. It’s a great little house. But, this means that none of you will have a chance to rent this beautiful home.

As usual, I waited until check-out day to do the video and I forgot a few things like the exterior and the garage. But, at least I remembered to take the video. Right?


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Time to Leave The Villages

Well, this is our last night in the house we rented in The Villages in Florida.  The trailer is all packed except for what we need.  We returned the rainbow golf cart.  And the house has been cleaned.

Now we wait for tomorrow morning when we’ll drive a few hours to St. Simons Island in Georgia.  Jodi has a work event there and then we’ll actually be coming right back to the Villages for another month.  We’ll be in a different house this time though.

It looks like we’ll have much more of a view.  The back yard looks out over the golf course.  This next house also comes with a golf cart, so we won’t have to spend the extra money to rent one.  Speaking of which, Jodi and I talked about it today and decided that it is definitely a good idea to have a golf cart if you’re staying here for any length of time.  While you can get everywhere with a full size car, a golf cart is much more convenient and better on gas.

We spent some time today getting most things packed in the trailer and cleaning.  We don’t have to clean, but we like to leave a good impression.  So, there you have it.  That’s our adventure for today from what I can remember.


: :

: : (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Burke’s BBQ by The Villages

Jodi and I had driven by Burkes BBQ a couple of times while on our way to other places.  We were trying to find someplace new the other day and Jodi remembered that we had gone by this place, so we decided to go try it.

What we found was a little bit of awesomeness in meat form.  It’s fantastic!!!

The prices are great as well.  The serve everything in a cafeteria style.  The first time we went we both tried to normal bbq things, i.e. pulled pork and chicken.  The second time their special was meatloaf, so we both had that.

The staff, atmosphere, prices and food are all great.  I wish I could come up with a better word to describe it adequately.  It is truly family owned and operated and you can tell.  From what we can tell they have hit all of the bases when it comes to operating a family restaurant.

One our first visit we ended up talking to the owner about Indiana Tenderloins.  He happened to know what we were talking about and went back to the kitchen to make a sample for us while we were talking.  If you’re ever in the area and want to try it, here’s the address:

Burke’s BBQ  311 Hwy 466A, Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Here’s their website:

I hope you’ll give it a try if you’re in the area.  We like to support small businesses whenever we can.


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Villages Navigation

 The villages navigation app is a must for golf cart navigation.  It’s not the most high tech, but it’s a life saver will all of the tunnels.  

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Wherever the wind blows…

 I thought I would give a quick update on where we’ve been and where we’re going. So far:

Fripp Island, SC

Acworth, GA

Pensacola, FL

Gulfport, MS

Orlando, FL

Gulf Shores, AL

The Villages, FL

Where are we going?

Hot Springs Village, AR – September

Somewhere, TX – October  (see pink heart) because our first grand baby will be born!!! Woohoo

Port Charlotte, FL – November

So, I need your help finding our next homes after that. We still need to find something close to Belton, TX in October and we need homes for the Winter months. If you know anyone that owns furnished, dog friendly vacation/rental homes in any of the Southeastern states, please let me know.


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