Secrets of The Villages


What do you know about The Villages? Probably not much unless you’ve been here. Or maybe you’ve heard rumors.

My guess is that, like us, you think it’s a giant country club filled with million dollar homes and snobby white people over the age of 55 that are secluding themselves from the real world. Kids? They came here to escape those dirty ankle biters.

You may think it’s a wrinkly drunk fest filled with debauchery. Yep, we heard that, too.

Well, here’s the dirty little secret of The Villages:

It’s like your average medium sized town. You can purchase homes staring around $30k and all the way up to Scruge McDuck prices. There are beautiful mobile home parks, villas, town homes, apartments, average homes, and lovely custom homes. You can even rent.

People come here from all over the world. Some live here full-time. Many are snowbirds. A large number of people are just passing through or on vacation.

Yes, it’s a retirement community but there are so many people under 55. Do the retired folks take kindly to us young’ns being here? Yes! And honestly, we have been pleasantly surprised by this.

Since it’s Summer, there are many grandchildren visiting. For two weeks, The Villages provides a Summer camp. It’s so cool! The kids and their grandparents can attend and participate in the many planned activities. This is like NO camp I ever went to! You wouldn’t believe the fun stuff these kids get to do and I think the grandparents are having more fun than the kids!

Anyone can stay here. You don’t have to be over 55 to rent. They only require that owners are over 55. 

It is NOT expensive to rent here!!! In fact, we have decided that this is our go-to spot to stay when rates are high everywhere else in the Southeast. Of course, the Winter months are more expensive. This month we are paying $1400 for a 3 bed 2 bath home. This includes the guest amenities pass that gives us access to 29 golf courses, over 30 pools, tennis, bocce ball, archery, and fitness centers. Our rent also includes all utilities. Of course, there are less expensive rentals available but this house was perfect for us.

Now, to address the other more juicy rumors:

Yes, they are all true. There are swingers. Yes, they advertise openly in some very strange ways (including but not limited to red shoes, pineapples, and shower scrubbies). But, just like every other place in the world, you can find any “activity” if you’re looking for it. These “activities” do not dominate the landscape of The Villages.

Overall, this is a very happy and friendly place.  I think you should just come and find out for yourself!


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3 thoughts on “Secrets of The Villages

  1. Wow! If I see a senior buying shower scrubbies I am going to raise an eyebrow! 😳


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