We Made it to the Villages

We’ve made it to our next house in the Villages in Florida.  We’ll be staying here for a month and a half instead of the normal 30 days or less.  We decided it would be nice to be in one place a little longer since we had a long round trip to Gulf Shores and back.

So far it’s very nice here.  We haven’t met many people, but the ones we have have been really nice.  The house we’re in is definitely nice.  We didn’t know if our trailer would be frowned upon here, so we managed to get it into the garage by letting some air out of the tires so that it would fit under the garage door.

This is a golf cart community, but unfortunately our rental does not come with a golf cart.  Some of the rentals do.  We haven’t decided if we’re going to rent one or not because the price of them is as much or more than a car payment.  Jodi was able to find a cheaper place to rent from, but we’re feeling unsure about it because the lady gave us instructions to come to her house and bring cash only to rent it.  As our waitress last night said, “that sounds kind of sketch”.  We agree.

On a side note, our waitress also gave us some handy tips on how to avoid old people swingers.  First, let me say that I did not in a million years think that that would be an issue.  But, after what the waitress told us, I did some web searching and found that sure enough the villages has a bit of a reputation as a viagra party area.  She also let us know that if you see a scrunchie on a golf cart, that means they’re are up for anything.  Um, no.

Regardless, I doubt that such behavior is the majority of the people.  So, there you have it for now.  We’re in the villages, hunting for a cheaper golf cart and avoiding hornball retired people.  Every place has been an adventure.


The Villages: Golf cart bridge over US 27/441

The Villages: Golf cart bridge over US 27/441 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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